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A couple weeks ago @kpopandkimchi made a card about different kinds of milk in Korea. I have been cuious about these ever since I started getting into Korean culture and heard about all these different milks. So when I was in Koreatown in New York I stopped in H-mart and what do I find, MELON MILK! You guys are going to think I'm weird but I actually really liked it! At the Asian market that is near me they have the melon popsicles (which are my favorite) and it tasted just like it was that but melted. Now I'm curious to try some other flavors. Has anyone else gotten the chance to try any of them?
@Isolate Dang :( Mine is like 45 minutes away. I keep telling myself that maybe because popularity in Asian culture is growing more stores will pop up, so maybe you will find one soon!
@aleciaLOVES i really hope so x😂😁
aaagghhh i want try them so bad but there arent any asian stores around me ;-;