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So I was just listening to Exo Songs when I came across this song and just hearing all of their voices again tgthr I went back to those precious times of OT12
As much as I have accepted what happened and I support Exo and 3 solo artist who decided to go their own way They are all my precious boys .
With this song just for 3 minutes can we forget about everything that happened and just enjoy song and the moment as it was.
As they say time change people change , but memories stays the same and ofcouse I miss OT12, we can't erase these memories
So lets enjoy this live performance .
And here is the lyrics of this song I just love it sooo much <3 .
And here is the video in which they all sang this song for their manager's wedding
love this OT12 moment
Miss OT12
We are One !!!
Saranghaja <3
all credit to its actual owner.
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I loved that stage and the wedding video is so cute. This song typically makes me cry Haha 😅
I've actually never heard this song from them. I'm surprised I missed out on this. I agree I missed ot12 so much. Sometimes I rewatch all the episodes of EXO Showtime. Watching them play around and being dorks. I also rewatch the game shows they were all on, especially Happy Camp. When they all appeared again on Happy Camp, they were down to 11 and it makes me cry watching that and hearing them explain the emotions they went through when Kris left. Especially Tao, he made me cry the most. But, just watching those shows makes me smile from just seeing them interact with each other.
the song is so sweet I won't say anything else
the moment you listen to this song then the feel come and you end up listening to my answer.
OT12 forever