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Stuck/Focus on me - A SPECIAL PRESENT FOR MONBEBE Coming Soon!

This just made my day!! That's my favorite song!! Can't wait to see what they have in store for us Monbebe~ ^^

If you're not sure what song it is or haven't heard this song, I'll attach a Wonho fancam video of their first concert and a color coded lyrics video down below.

It's a Wonho Fancam but why can't I take my eyes off of Hyungwon?! lol <(•L•)>

I'll leave you with this picture Kihyun blessed us with of Minhyuk falling asleep with shrimp crackers in his hands on the fan cafe. Doesn't Minhyuk look so peaceful?

@CrookedShadow hahaha later Minhyuk replied to this picture that Kihyun posted and he said that Kihyun put them there when he was sleeping Lol
Ahhhhh I can't wait!!!!!!! And Minhyuk is so cute when he sleeps!!! Especially with shrimp crackers in his hands cx
That's my favorite non-title song on that album! I can't wait 😁😁
Minhyuk is a sleeping angel ❤
Ohhhh, can't wait.
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