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With a snippy attitude and yes Deadpool has a daughter lol. She is such a cutie!
I hope she gets powers
Lol, his daughter is half and half. That happened when he was running with Danny and Luke. Lol. It shocked the hell out of Danny and Luke when they found out Deadpool was not black, the whole time they thought he was πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ oh and he never took off his mask. At the moment he leaves his daughter with Paterson from Shield on of his friends. He trust her that she would give his daughter the best life he could not ever give. Lol, during his comics you will see him checking up on her lol. I think the only people who know he has a kid is Danny, Luke, Peter and Hawkeye.
holy crap deadpools black
Saddest part is how hard of a time he had coming to terms with his having a kid, not because he didn't love her but because he thought she was too perfect to ever be the daughter of such a hideous and broken man.
lol I thought it was pretty good and gave a new start to the movie franchise. I can't wait til they catch up to this decade.
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