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With a snippy attitude and yes Deadpool has a daughter lol. She is such a cutie!
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@LAVONYORK BTW what did you think of the new x-men
Lol, not deadpool. Deadpool is Canadian. You see him sometimes with blonde hair or black hair. Depends who is drawing him. The mother of his kid I believe is a black Spanish mix. I can't remember completely. But that is his daughter Elle lol.
I was mad at the X men movie because I wanted Sinster to come first and find the horse man, let them fail then Apcoplyse brings his butt down with his own set.
lol I thought it was pretty good and gave a new start to the movie franchise. I can't wait til they catch up to this decade.
Saddest part is how hard of a time he had coming to terms with his having a kid, not because he didn't love her but because he thought she was too perfect to ever be the daughter of such a hideous and broken man.