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Yes! It is finally my week to bring hell upon Areum, let my week of evil festivities begin!" Mwahahaha -Jackson

Chapter Four

A few minutes after the bell rang for class to start and attendance had been taken, Mrs. Lee made an announcement. "For the rest of the week you will be working in a group of three for your poetry project," she says "I will be picking your group and what kind of poem you will be doing." She picks up her paper with our groups on it and reads who's in what group out loud. ".... Jackson, Minseo, and Nari in a group. You will be doing a Burlesque poem. JB, Mark, and lets see who's left.. Oh yes Areum, you three will be in a group. You will be doing a Romanticism poem." Hell no... "Fuck.." I hear Mark mumble. I look behind me, his cheeks are a soft rosy color. Why is blushing? I think to myself. I look past him and see JB staring at me this whole time with that little smirk he always wears on his face. Damn that smirk.. My thoughts are interrupted by Minseo as she waves her hand in front of my face. "Areum, what the heck is a Burlesque poem?" she asks while looking at her worksheet in confusion. I take the paper from her and look at it. "I have never heard of this kind of poem. Anyway Minseo, I feel like I am brain dead right now." I tell her. After Mrs. Lee reads off all the names we split into our groups and start working. Or trying to work I should say... I'm the one doing the work while Mark sits across from me staring at his lap and Jaebum, who has his head on his desk taking a nap. "Mark, can you please help me with this?" I ask looking across at him. He looks up at me and nods. He leaves his desk and brings his chair over to my desk so we can work together. At least I can get some help with this project from Mark. I think as I glance over at Jaebum. I turn my head back to see Mark looking down at our worksheet. Our knees accidently bump into each other under my desk. "Sorry," Mark says as he quickly jumps up from his seat and looks at me. "I'll umm.. I'll be right back. I'm going to use the restroom." He says while quickly getting the restroom pass and heading out the classroom door. "Great," I say to myself. I look back over at Jaebum, he's just laying there while I sit here trying to do all the work myself. I decide to put my head phones in and continue working on the poem. Seven minutes pass and Mark is still not back, I look up at the clock, only ten more minutes until break. I look over at Minseo's to see how she is doing with her group. She looks like me, she's stuck doing her groups work too. To my surprise I see Nari look at me and start to head over to where I am sitting. As she passes by Jaebum her hand touches his back and slides across his shoulders. Yuck.. I think to myself. I always hated seeing people and their PDA. She walks over and sits in the seat Mark left right beside me. "Areum," She starts, "Sit with me at lunch today okay?" She says with an almost innocent smile on her face. I am in complete shock, Nari is never nice to anyone... ever. "S-sure." I say looking at her with an unsure look. "Great!" She says and heads back over to her desk. Mark's POV What am I going to do? She makes me feel like my heart is in my throat. After leaving the class room I raced right up to the green house. I pulled out a cigarette from the stash and light it. I sit on the couch and try to calm my heart as I finish my cigarette. After I finish I get up and get a piece of paper and start to write down some words. I'm going to do it this time, I'm going to tell her how I feel." I decide to write a poem for Areum... my way of confessing. And seeing as we got Romanticism for our poem theme it's a win-win, right? I mean I can confess to her and help give her ideas for our group poem. I'll be her hero right? I think to myself. I do a little happy dance and start to write. "Roses are red Violets are blue, This is a confession from me to you..." As I finish my poem I look up at the clock, it's five minutes into break. I grab my poem and start to head to the cafeteria. As I make it down the stairs onto the main floor I hear a loud roar of laughter coming from the cafeteria. I walk in and see Jackson and Nari high-fiving, and Areum on the floor in front of them covered in today's lunch. I start to make my way over to them. I begin to pick up my pace as I see Nari raise her hand at Areum. Before I have the chance to stop Nari...

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Wahhh no!!! What happens next????
Really you can't leave me hanging like that. This is a interesting group we have the bully and the guy who likes her.cant wait for next part.
Anonym did not just pull a cliffhanger on me....