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This Korean couple are getting a lot of attention for their online broadcasts especially after posting a K-Pop idol make-up tutorial. A netizen posted a feature post on popular Afreeca TV BJs Hyuki and Beomi. With their permission, the article featured Hyuki and Beomi, a gay couple in South Korea and online personalities famous for their meokbang, outdoor walking, drinking and make-up broadcasts. On one of their latest videos, Hyuki and Beomi demonstarted a tutorial on recreating the make-up done by famous Korean male idols. During the tutorial, Hyuki recreated BTS’ Jimin’s look, while Beomi took on EXO’s Xiumin make-up. The two further emphasised that they are not expert make-up artists and only did the tutorial for fun. Meanwhile, Hyuki is described to be a barista currently working in a cafe, while Beomi is hair stylist. The couple have maintained their relationship for a year and two months.
Hyuki attempts to recreate Jimin’s make-up
Beomi recreates Xiumin’s make-up
Hyuki and Beomi together as Jimin and Xiumin
nooooo I want them 😂😂😂😭😭😭 they're sooo cute. they look good together too damn. the make up is on point too I'm so jealous 😂😂😂
These guys are great, but what is the reason behind stating their sexual preference. How does that relate?
They look so good! I really like the Xuimin makeup=D
Their make up was awesome! It was just perfect ☺
Edward Avilia is my favorite makeup artist for kpop stars. he's handsome. you should check him out
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