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Who:Reader x Huang Zitao What:Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU. Chapter 4 Story: You weren't his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Y/N's POV You woke up to your phone buzzing, you reached for it answering in a sleepy voice, "Hello?" "Good morning Dreamgirl." "Tao, did you call my work phone?" You said slightly annoyed and rubbing your eyes. You looked behind you to see Chanyeol asleep behind you. His mouth hanging open, his bottom lip looked soft and you tried to bite back the smile forming on your lips. "You need to call me Sandman remember." "I can't right now but anyway what did you need?" "Oh right your rapper boyfriend probably hasn't left you yet. Okay well, there's this meeting about to happen and I convinced my dad to listen to some of your ideas for the winter line so get your pretty ass up and get over to the company quick." "Wait what!" you shouted. You quickly covered your mouth and looked to Chanyeol who began to stir. His eyes twitched a bit before they cracked open slowly. God he was beautiful, if he was still as gentle as his features you two would still be good. His hand rubbed his eyes and you started to slip off the bed and head to the closet. You stopped by the dresser and plugged up your Bluetooth and started to get dressed while you asked Tao what he did, "It's perfect, Monroe is faltering on the winter line he's claiming creators block or whatever so I told dad that you had some really good ideas and that he should listen to them." "Wow he must be really desperate to listen to his assistant's ideas." You said walking out fixing the cuff on your white dress shirt. You saw Chanyeol sitting up in bed sporting a pouty face, he was clearly still exhausted. He looked at you annoyed though. You were immersed in your conversation and the moment you noticed he saw you looking at him you turned to look at yourself in the full body mirror. You had another pencil skirt on, this one was shorter than the one from yesterday but still appropriate for work. Your bruises from Chanyeol were visible though and you didn't like wearing your hair down at work. You found a small red scarf and tied it around your neck like a choker to cover them up. You were still talking to Tao as you were fixing yourself, "Well of course there was a condition from me." he said. "What kind of condition?" you asked curious. You could hear a voice in the background calling to Tao. That annoying harpy voice belonged to his girlfriend Ok. She was bugging him to get off the phone. Tao told her he'd get off in a second but she started complaining more, "Fuck, would you just go somewhere. I'm getting ready for work." Tao yelled. "You're talking to that bitch." you heard her say in the back. "Tell your cum dumpster girlfriend she should keep her mouth shut I'm catching her diseases just over the phone." Tao burst out laughing on the phone you could hear her asking what he was laughing about but you didn't smile until you heard Chanyeol blurt out a laugh. You turned to see him not realizing you were smiling, yourself. When was the last time you heard him genuinely laugh, the sound was familiar and foreign at the same time. He looked at you with softer eyes and then turned to get off the bed. You grabbed your phone and started to walk out of the room. He was still naked and you didn't have time to fight him off if he wanted to touch you. This was a huge opportunity that Tao opened up for you, you felt a little weird about that. Did he do this just because you were Dreamgirl? You didn't want that to be the reason you broke out as a designer. You didn't like the idea that that was the reason he was doing this. You wanted to talk to him about it but you were now under Chanyeol's watchful eye while you searched for your keys. You didn't smile at him like you used to you realized, something about hearing his laugh in the bedroom made you feel guilty in a way. He was the one that was cheating on you though so why did you feel like shit right now? You looked back at him, he now had his sweatpants on; his hand went and pulled his bangs back from his head revealing his pretty forehead. He was still really tired. You shook your head, was it because Tao was on the phone with you? You had always secretly texted him, true you didn't know it was Tao till yesterday, but openly talking to him in front of Chanyeol's face felt wrong. You wondered if that was what real cheating was like, did Chanyeol feel any guilt for what he was doing? "Damn it where the hell are my keys?" You said now in a panic. You were lifting stuff off the counter frantic, "Who are you going to meet this early looking like that?" he mused. "Chanyeol please don't start right now, I have a meeting to get to if I can find my damn keys." "You mean these." he said. He pulled his hand out of his pocket and jingled the keys in front of him. When he grabbed them you had no idea but as you walked over to grab them from his hand, he raised his hand in the air. Even though you were in heels, he was still taller than you and your reach to get your keys was like a toddler trying to climb onto an adult chair: almost there but just slightly too short. "Chanyeol stop playing around this is a big deal." "Give me a goodbye kiss." he flirted. "What?" you looked at him like he was an idiot. "All I ever want to do is touch you but your job has pushed you further and further from me. You were just speaking so happily to that man on the phone. You don't talk to me like that anymore there's always and ounce of hate in your voice. Do you even still love me?" You stepped back annoyed. That was the question you should've been asking. Why was he ignoring that he was the one that was cheating, that he was the one to walk away first? That he was the one to push you further and further away. You sighed and walked over to your phone scrolling through the contacts. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Calling a ride." "I ask you to give me one little kiss and you'd rather just call someone else to come get you? You really hate me that much?" he said appalled. "No, I actually really and truly love you but you're not you anymore. I'm not the one that changed Chanyeol that was you. When I tried to be with you, you pushed me away and you-" you cut yourself off. You couldn't even say it out loud, that he was cheating on you. That for months without end he had been cheating on you. That he had ripped your heart out and destroyed you. That he was doing something so evil to you but you still loved him because he was your Chanyeol, or at least that's what you thought. Chanyeol had walked over to the counter, "How can I fix us then?" he said softly. "I don't know that you can." you were looking down when you responded. You looked at him and he was looking back slightly stunned. He swallowed and placed your keys on the counter. His hand reached out to touch your face. "Let me start with I love you." He leaned down and kissed your forehead, the action that mirrored Tao's from last night. Your heart was acting crazy and it hurt when he turned around to walk back into your room but he stopped by the door. He had his hand on his neck and he was looking off to the side as he said, "Let's have lunch today Sunshine. I'll pick you from work." He walked into the bedroom closing the door behind him leaving you standing there looking shocked. He hadn't called you sunshine in a month of Sunday's. He gave it to you because of your smile; he said anytime he saw that smile even on the rainiest of days he felt like he was bathed in sunshine. You had given him the nickname monkey because of his ears and long limbs. He hated it at first and the memory of him cringing everytime you called him that made you laugh but even you hadn't called him by that nickname for a long time. Eventually it grew on him and he loved it when you called him that but when the fights started and he was becoming distant, even before you found out about him cheating, you stopped calling him that. You couldn't help but think once he closed the door: who was this person? You didn't have much time to contemplate his behavior though. You grabbed your keys, your papers and your briefcase and hurried out of the house. Once you got into the car you wondered if you should've just kissed him. You were in a mixture of feelings between finding out that Tao was Mr.Sandman and Chanyeol seeming to act less harsh towards you. It was probably just because he really regretted trying to choke you yesterday. That memory was still fresh in your mind. You arrived at the company and ran inside, your heels clicking behind you. Following behind you was Tao dressed quite sharply. The doors closed once you two were in the elevator. A few other workers were in the elevator with you so you two stood in silence. When the elevator stopped on the fifth floor, the workers got out. Just as new ones were trying to get in, Tao raised his hand and said, "Take the next one." You looked at him shocked but they all listened. He was basically their boss. The doors closed and you looked to him, "Tao what was that all about?" "Sorry I just didn't want to be in the elevator with all of them. I wanted to finish our conversation quickly." "Oh." "Y/N the condition to letting you pitch your ideas was that we work together on finishing Monroe's line if he liked them." "Well if you do that, that means me and you will spending a lot of time together." "I'm looking forward to it Dreamgirl." Tao said with a grin. You looked away trying not blush, "Me too, Mr.Sandman." He must've had a lot of confidence in your ability to make a deal like that. You two reached the top of the building and walked out side by side. You two were chatting in the elevator laughing moments ago; he could tell you were nervous and so he focused your attention on something else. Once you two walked out though you both were silent. This was a huge deal and you could feel yourself shaking. He took your hand and said, "Look I know you're nervous but try and stay calm. Be as passionate about this as you are when you talk to me." You smiled at him and nodded, he patted your head. He seemed to want to kiss you but not getting permission and being in his place of work he thought otherwise. Part of you wanted to give him permission to kiss you but then Chanyeol came to your mind. He said he'd pick you up for lunch too, the memory of him calling you sunshine again almost brought you to tears. You took in a shaky breath and Tao opened the door to let you in. Sehun's POV Since they had been in highschool, Sehun had only seen Y/N smile and laugh and just bring happiness to everyone around her. Chanyeol was charismatic and Y/N was bubbly and sweet so it wasn't such a surprise that they would gravitate towards each other but over the course of their five year relationship Y/N's sweet bubbly self started to change. The first three years weren't bad but when he started becoming more famous, Chanyeol ignored her a lot. Sehun saw how hard she tried to get him to pay attention to her, to keep their relationship alive, she asked him for tips to get his attention but nothing worked. Chanyeol had dived so deep into his music he wouldn't give her the time of day yet he'd stand up on stage at award shows and thank her for being a loving and supportive girlfriend. Sehun could see her slowly wanting to let go. At the same time, she held onto him tight, he was breaking her into two halves and eventually the smile he recognized had disappeared. She seemed sad all the time, she felt alone even when she was surrounded by everyone. The one she loved she felt didn't love her back. Things started slowing down for him once he'd gotten into the rhythm of things but by that time Y/N had finally gotten her dream job. Sort of, her boss kept her really busy, it was hard for her to make time for any of them let alone Chanyeol. Sehun only really saw her when he picked her up for work and dropped her off at home. It was probably the highlight of his days most times because that's when they got to talk. Chanyeol complained it was like living with a ghost, one second she was there the next she was gone. No goodbye or good morning it was like she completely shut him out. When she had told him that Chanyeol was cheating on her, she had broken down completely. She didn't want him touching her but she put up a front in front of the guys. She couldn't break free of him because she still loved him despite how much it hurt to love him. Chanyeol got progressively worse. Gi talked to the other dancers about their little nights out. The other dancers hated her just as much as Sehun did but she was an amazing dancer, the company wasn't going to cut her anytime soon. He wanted to try and convince Chanyeol to stop a while ago but Y/N wouldn't let him say anything to him. When she stopped talking to her family, her brothers entrusted him with keeping an eye out and updating them. When he saw the bruises on her neck yesterday, he wanted to tell them but it would cause a lot more trouble than she would want. He was in such a weird situation because he wanted to protect her but she wouldn't let him. He tried so hard to get her to leave Chanyeol, he was just breaking her apart, they both were destroying each others hearts. Chanyeol wanted her attention and she had turned so cold towards him. He couldn't believe she planned a birthday party for Chanyeol but even that sweet gesture didn't heal their relationship. Y/N apparently was always texting on the phone and Chanyeol hated it. He thought she was cheating on him and it took everything within Sehun not to chew him out for cheating on he first. He was in the studio trying to focus but he couldn't. She had told him that they shouldn't hang out for a bit because Chanyeol thought they were hooking up. He just felt off not meeting up with her to take her home and not picking her up this morning. It made him nervous to think that they wouldn't be hanging out and that she might fall deeper into her illusions or she'd make him upset and he'd hurt. He had ViVi with him and he crawled on top of him while he laid on the floor thinking about Y/N. He couldn't help but nervously pray that she just didn't do anything stupid. Chanyeol walked into the studio and Sehun sat up watching him walk over to the sound system. He couldn't even look at him the same, the nerve of him to hurt her like that. He'd kept quiet and kept his distance from Chanyeol yesterday but he was still pissed. Still, he said nothing to make sure he didn't get Y/N into any trouble. "I want to take Y/N out to lunch today do you suggest anything?" he said looking at the screen. "Really?" "Don't sound so surprised she's still mine." he said. Chanyeol hadn't looked at him since he entered the room and Sehun was fine with that especially since it was all over his face that Chanyeol was bothering him. She wasn't something he could claim as his when he was fucking someone else. He calmed himself down before he spoke, "What's the occasion?" he asked. "She hates me and I want it to stop. I just want her back. I want to fix this." he answered. The very real pain in Chanyeol's voice made Sehun relax. Something happened between them this morning. Sehun looked away from Chanyeol and began to play with Vivi, "Well she's your girlfriend can't you think of any places for her?" "You know her better than me, she still talks to you." Sehun looked at him, he was looking at the screen intensely but it looked like he had stopped working. He was in deep thought, Chanyeol wanted her but he was still seeing Gi, Sehun didn't know what he was thinking. He couldn't just have both of them. Chanyeol was confusing him he could only imagine what it was like for Y/N. Sehun sighed, "Take her to Chou's, she likes that place and it's kind of private." he said. "Okay." he simply said. He had been writing and he had the beat he was mixing playing low. He finished whatever he was writing after he had said that and as he walked to the booth he told Sehun to play the track back from the beginning. Sehun stood up and sat in the chair going back to the very beginning of the song. Chanyeol put his headphones on, Sehun gave him a thumbs up and waited until Chanyeol returned it. He started playing the track. Chanyeol seemed to become more serious than ever for this song: "Baby where did you go? Baby are you still mine? When I called out your name into darkness you were my light. Now you're walking away, now its you I can't find baby we were once so good. What happened go make our love die?" Sehun began to realize that this was the song he'd been working on for a few days. 'Love died' was about him and Y/N: "You're my morning star, my sunshine during the rain. Now there's a whole in my heart and I don't know what to do. I want you back I'm sorry. I'll give you my everything I promise. Come grab my hand look at me and see the monkey I used to be. Baby how do we get back to before, this silence is slowly dragging us down our hearts will wither like flowers." He repeated his chorus and Sehun could see the tears in his eyes as he sang it twice as passionately as the first time. So he did still love her, still he had put his hands on her and he was cheating on her. Neither one of them was acting the same and both were hurting each other. Sehun didn't want them to be together anymore; he didn't think they could be fixed, he only believed it would get worse. He had cheated and rebuilding that trust would take time and even if she did trust him again it wouldn't be the same. She'd always wonder, he sighed and stopped the music when he saw Chanyeol tell him to stop it. He was trying to get himself under control. Chanyeol was wiping his face and clearing his throat. Sehun's phone suddenly began to ring, he looked down at the phone and it was Y/N calling. Sehun held up a finger to Chanyeol and walked out answering the phone. She was crying which caught him off guard, "Whoa Y/N what's going on?" "My boss just put me in charge of the new winter fashion line." she said happy. "What!" he said excited for her. "I know I'm so excited I can't stop crying though," she laughed a little. "Calm down, you need to breathe first breathing is important." She laughed again, "Wow this is huge for you." Sehun said. He could hear her sniffling and trying to calm herself. He leaned against the wall and said, "Why haven't you told your boyfriend though?" "He'll just get upset, I honestly can't start a fight right. He wanted to take me out to lunch today I'll tell him then, maybe he's going to finally end it." she said. Her tears ended, Chanyeol used to have that effect on her. He could stop her tears in a second and make her smile but now he was either causing her to cry or he was stopping her tears because she was annoyed or upset. They were just too damaged to be fixed but Chanyeol wanted to try. He could see it in his face, as long as he didn't put his hands on her again. He was very cautious about his next move but he said, "Maybe he just wants you to know he loves you." "He doesn't love me, he said he did this morning but people that love you don't try and choke you and cheat on you and ignore you. They don't just use you for a quick lay and then walk out like nothing ever happened. I was invisible to him for so long Sehun and the only reason he's paying attention to me now is because he thinks I'm cheating." "But you still love him right?" "Unfortunately. I don't want to anymore though, it's just too tiring." she said with a sigh. That sigh said everything, she was exhausted from the fights, being ignored, trying to get attention from him. She was exhausted from loving someone so toxic, he wasn't even the same man she loved before, when he was still no one to the world. She held onto that hope that that man would return but even that hope was wearing her down. She getting closer to breaking down. Sehun was looking at Chanyeol only moments ago, he could feel the pain and regret come from his lips as he sang and rapped the lyrics about their dying relationship. He remembered him saying he wanted her back, they were already broken up without actually ending the relationship. "I'm the last person to say this but keep an open mind for today. Maybe- maybe he can redeem himself." he said. There was a pause on the phone, Sehun didn't want to push him back into her arms but Chanyeol was genuine in his pain. He could be wrong, they may be able to fix their relationship. "Fine since you asked. I have to go though I just had to call you and tell you." "Oh yeah you probably burst into tears cause you didn't have my ass to grab." he laughed. "Hey I would've settled for Junmyeon's arms or Jongdae's cheeks if either one of them were available." "What about Yixing?" he asked baffled she left him out. "If I got my hands on Yixing he wouldn't be going home." she chuckled. "Damn I've been replaced as your favorite already, when did this happen?" "No, no you're still my number one best friend. You know if I grab your butt I'm never letting you go." she said. Sehun laughed and said his goodbyes before he hung up the phone. He turned around to see Chanyeol staring at him from the door. That look was kind of scary, "What were you talking about with her?" he said. "It's not my place to tell, you should ask her at your lunch today." "I'm asking you now." "Yeol, ask her at lunch. It's not a bad thing I promise but she wants to tell you herself. Just be nice to her at your lunch okay, she should be a bit more pleasant." He was hoping with all his heart that he wasn't doing the wrong thing... Chanyeol's POV Chanyeol was frustrated, she didn't even want to kiss him. She would've preferred getting a ride from someone else than to just give him one kiss. He had played keep away with her keys before and she always kissed him. Gi called him on his way to work but he had ignored her, when he showed up at the studio he ignored her again. He could tell she was pissed but he didn't care he had to focus on Y/N and only her. And he had too, as he sang and rapped the parts to his song he had emptied out so much pain and hurt that it was even breaking through his composure. His tears spilling as he sang making him stop a few times just to regain his composure. He was annoyed that she called Sehun and that Sehun wouldn't talk to him about what they were saying. He seemed to be having a nice chat with her too; he couldn't remember the last time they sat in the same room without threatening to turn into a screaming match. Sehun told him to be nice to Y/N at lunch and that she had something good to tell him. He was nervous though, she was already starting to build up in her head that there was no way to save the relationship. He wondered if the hope that they could fix everything was what kept her with him. He hated that she was having such a good time on the phone with Tao this morning, he recalled that she hated him. She always complained about him to Sehun. The insult she dished out to his girlfriend made him laugh though, that laugh reminded him of what he had. It made him want to get it back. Kissing her forehead gently was such a foreign experience to him, he had done it when they first went out but now it was like he'd done it for the first time. He couldn't really look back at her when he told her he was taking her out to lunch; he felt slightly embarrassed it was like when they were first flirting. He didn't want to seem obvious but according to Sehun and the others he was. She made him nervous, the more she touched the others the more he wanted to be like them and touch her too. When he called her sunshine, he felt the smile forming on his lips. God he loved calling her that, she was so beautiful even if she wasn't smiling but he longed for that smile. The old one she gave him, he'd have to work hard as hell to get it back. He was nervous because he'd finally tell her, he'd finally say that he'd been cheating on her, that he would stop, that he'd do anything to keep her. He'd tell her he loved her. Then it dawned on him, what if she already knew? She had given up on trying to keep their spark alive long before he started actually cheating but she was at the studio that day. She left so suddenly maybe she had seen something. That was when she started diving deeper into her work, she wanted him to touch her less. She started to hate him but she had emphasized this morning that she actually loved him. She had said it like she was the only one in the relationship that was in love. Their love wasn't the same but it wasn't dead yet. There was still a chance, he believed it but the closer he got to her job to pick her up for lunch the more he worried. If he admitted it, what would she say, would she walk out on him? He pulled up to the building and walked in seeing her standing next to Zitao. They were talking and she looked a bit serious, their manner was much different than it was this morning. She was always a bit stiff around him though from what he'd seen at the company parties. His girlfriend sauntered her way to Tao's side and he smiled at her while he wrapped his arm around her waist. He wondered how he was still speaking to Y/N so calmly when she had out right called his girlfriend a cum dumpster. Y/N turned to see him coming and he could visibly see her flash of discomfort. She quickly said goodbye and walked over to Chanyeol before he could reach them. "Is that the one you were talking to earlier?" he asked. She nodded, "Where are we going to eat?" she quickly moved the topic along. He grabbed her arm to stop her and looked at her, he brought her close to him. This was the first time since she got this job that he had picked her up. The people in the building had only seen him, if they had seen him, at the company parties she dragged him to. His hand quickly snaked around her waist and he whispered against her lips, "I missed you sunshine. Can I have that kiss now?" he said. "Can't I do it when I'm not at my place of business?" "One kiss sunshine, I'll let you go after that." She looked at him funny, like she couldn't believe he was talking to her like this. She hesitantly and slowly cupped his cheek and kissed him. He restrained himself from making it deeper; he kept it soft making his heart race and his body ache for more. He pulled away from her pressing his forehead against hers taking his breath back. He didn't realize she could still do that to him. He could feel her hand slide and graze his ear. It stopped there holding onto it, a small smile formed on her lips. He looked up at her then the smile disappeared, he knew why though. His eyes were watering up again. "I miss you Jagi." he said. He nuzzled his head into her shoulder trying to contain his emotions. "We need to go." she said in a whisper. Her voice was shaky like she couldn't handle seeing him like that. She pulled him off of her and grabbed his hand and walked him outside of the building. He was going to tell her he was cheating, he was going to beg her to stay with him if she said she wanted to leave. Despite the fear that rose in him, the closer they got to the restaurant the more he realized that if that was their last kiss together he could be satisfied with that. He had saw her smile even if it was small, he had felt her touch his ears. The tears she shed for him last night had warmed his heart but that smile was nearly fatal. Her hand lightly tugging and rubbing his ear threatened to make his heart burst. If that was his last kiss with her, he would be satisfied...
I'm like 😢 who is right? who is wrong? I love how you show both sides or their own point of view. Its just a great story. I can't wait find out what happens.
Idek what I want more anymore, them to make up and try or for her to become stronger and leave him. I'm just so sad when I read in Chanyeol's pov because I feel for him😭😭😭
@BabydollBre girl you ain't gotta apologise.
@Kpossible4250 I'm sorry 😂😂😂
Good lord woman, must you kill me with the feels????
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