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Pokémon Portable Charger: "The Power That's Inside"
For all the Pokémon Go peeps struggling like me to make our phone battery last on our quest to catch em' all. Here is a #powerup.
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@Animaniafreak @littlemaryk I could buy air modeling clay and make a poke ball over the charger so spending 40.00 bucks seems a bit too much
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What if inside of this pokeball there is an electric pokemon but to charge your phone you're basically stealing it's life away from it
a year ago·Reply
You absolutely could do that. @SimplyAwkward I would cry, that's what :'( @KrisTheFreak
a year ago·Reply
@KrisTheFreak o(╥﹏╥)o
a year ago·Reply
that is one cool battery bank.
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