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Peniel's Day: Summer Edition

안녕하세요 친구!!

It's Tuesday yay!!! It's Peniel's Day.....yayyyyy!! Ah, but first welcome to another Tuesday, it's nice and thundering over here in PR (=_=). what about for you? This Verano, 여름, summer edition is all about Peniel's style of covering your eyes from the sun's harmful rays featuring:

sunglasses (색안경).

You'll need a friend: while holding up one or two fingers lol.
Don't forget to snapchat and take many selcas.
Make sure your friend approves (*thumbs up*)
Don't forget to look extra for paparazzis.
Lastly, a close up of your beautiful face. So let's follow Peniel's footsteps and make sure to use eye protection during these beautiful, hot, windy, enjoyable summer days.


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I love it! Peniel sure does love sunglasses.... sunglasses and hats. My favorite was the pic of him and Sungjae in the goofy glasses.
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This is great! Peniel looks great in glasses!
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