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Thank you to @MarrickeJ33 for some ideas for this chapter and the first:) This is a quick chapter A/n:bold=when they speak in korean
~2 Days Later~ "I'm so ready to go home."I said going to the break room. "Me too.But girl what I want to know is what happened between you and Jay at the party.I left when you said Umm." "Girl.My life ended after that whole convo." "Was it that bad!?" ~Flashback~ "You're so beautiful." Jay said as the music(2) changed. "Umm.Umm." "G.I'm sorry."He said running the back of his neck."I should see what the other guys are up to."He said and then walked away. Damn it Gia.This was your chance. ~End Of Flashback~ "Damn."I said face palming my face. "He walked away!?" "Yes and let's not talk about it anymore." "Ok ok.Lets go get these orders taken and head out."
I pulled up to the house and going inside to see Jay(2) siting there with his parents,Simon,and Gray.What is going on here? "Oh.Perfect timing.Jay has something to tell us."Mom said waving me to the couch. I sat down between Mom and Dad then Jay continues talking. "So I was planning we all spend Christmas in Vegas." Everyone was agreeing to it.Vegas sounds nice but I have to be around him.Ugh.My life just keeps ending over and over. "Perfect.I already got the tickets and we leave tonight." "Tonight?"I asked. "Yes.Now start packing." I didn't want to hear more and headed up to my room pulling out my suitcase and did what he said.Well first I changed(3).Need to go comfortable.
"Gia.Hurry up!"Dad yelled. "Coming." I quickly grabbed my suitcase heading downstairs to Dad's car. "What about Amerie and Romeo?"I asked putting my seatbelt on. "They already know.They are going to meet us there."Replied Mom. "Ok" ~Airport~ We got to the airport following Jay to get our tickets.We checked in our bags and did security check.Since we are waiting I can just call Lonnie. "Hey Girl.Whats up." "Well I'm at the airport." "Girl what are you doing there?" "Jay decided to pay for a trip to Vegas." "Wow.Where the hell is my ticket.oh maybe you can retry with Jay." "There is no retry.I was stuck standing there." "Yeah because your brain malfunctioned." "Now boarding to Las Vegas." "I gotta go." "Bye." "Bye." I grabbed my backpack went to get on the plane with the family.
We are in Vegas!!! Right now we are outside the airport waiting for a car.I think we are renting.after awhile a black suv(2) pulls up and out pops Amerie(3) and her husband Kook(4). "Amerie."I said givig her a hug. "Hey baby sis." "Where's my nephews(5)?" "In the car asleep but come on we got to go to the hotel.We all piled into the the car and the twins in her lap while I sat in the back with the guys.Why? Amerie drove onto the strip finding our hotel which is happens to be the Bellagio(6).Thats kinda dope.we gave the car to valet and got out with our luggage going into the lobby.Jay checked us in then we hear a voice. "Jay!" We turned to see Romeo(7) with his wife (8)and baby Faith(9).Oh snap I thought everyone would show up tomorrow. "Here you go Gia.You get your own room."Jay said handing me a room key. "Thank you." "I figured you want one to yourself." "Are you sharing with the guys?" "Yeah.We use to it." We headed up to our rooms(10) and damn I love it and I get it to myself.Jay hooked it up.i should get to sleep since its like 1am. Goodnight!
😂😂😂😂😂😂 uh huh so why she get a room to herself?!? LMAO!!! haha haha omg I got it lol... hehe oh this is gonna be an interesting trip
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