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I was wondering what would you guys like to see and help to decide if I should post more regularly and if so what it should be whether a game or something or just keep posting random things like I do. I would like to thank everyone in advance who contributes to this. ^w^
should I do like @AnimeNerdie and do a regular thing or just have a schedule and keep the random post or what All help is appreciated and will be considered. (I'll keep the random post but I want to do something more)
@AnimeNerdie Thanks I'll check that rn
hmm if you can go to your App Store and download picsart app and you can edit all your photos there @Animefreak484
@AnimeNerdie I might do that if I can find or make the the monsters blacked out
@Animefreak484 oh oh oh! I got a good idea lol how about you do like how I do of Pokèmon but of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards! each day, every other day, or every week you give out the card and have them guess the card! or who owns the card!
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