(Requested by: @taetaebaozi) "Noona, I-" "you what! What do you want! Please, let me live my life!" You had a sudden flashback that echoed through your head. You were done. Done with your boyfriend Jungkook. Well actually, 2 years ago. You literally almost brainwashed yourself that Jungkook wasn't yours anymore. He was someone else. But in the corner of your heart, he was still there. Breathing inside of you, living. You were a doctor, a resident for 2 years. You almost lived in your hospital. It was better than going back home, feeling the darkness and the emptiness overwhelming you. That feeling when you come home and there's no one inviting you in with a smile, no one back hugging you when your doing the dishes, pecking you on the forehead when watching t.v. Everything about having someone by your side became special and meaningful to you. Maybe... Maybe... You missed that kiddo. It was a monday, in the ER (emergency room), there was a big accident so you were running around treating the bloody patients. You opened one curtain and see... Your ex-boyfriend gushing out blood from his body. You fell down in shock. Tears started to fall down without even knowing. Everything felt like the world was in slow motion. Jungkook stared at you and said, "save me." The surgery went well, and he just needed to rest. You opened the door to the room and there he was. Irresistible. You sat down next to him and cleared his hair out of his way. When you touched his hair, he grabbed your wrist and opened his eyes. You were startled and just stared at him. He looked at you and said, "Thanks for saving me." You smiled a little bit, and gave out a deep breath. "I'm glad your okay." You got up and turned around towards the door. The clacking of your heels stopped when Jungkook said, "I missed you." Tears came out from your eyes. You were confused. Why were you crying? What's the point? You talked to yourself saying, 'Leave. No, But, he loves you... No.' "(Y/n). Please, look at me." He begged for you. "I... Can't." "What are you afraid of? Please.. (Y/n) look at me." He was sobbing. You turned around and he was looking at you with hurt eyes. You couldn't help it. You walked over to him and bent down giving him a passionate kiss that was never going to be forgotten. Jungkook felt the tears coming down from your face and he wiped your tears. Your lips were separated from his and he looked at you touching your face, (y/n)... I love you." You kissed his forehead and said, "I love you too."
I hope you guys liked it~^^ 鈽猴笍馃憤馃徎 Next up is the one @MrsJungHoseok requested~^^ (Requests are totally open!)
@hayoungforever that would be fine with me and yes please the same haha sorry i keep asking for the sane its because i love angst but can you do a cheating one with a good ending this time?? i just love angst so so much thank you btw
@taetaebaozi order up! 鈽猴笍 my friend wanted me to upload an imagine for jimin. So after that I'll do a xiumin one for you~^^ angst with a good ending or something else?
@hayoungforever its ok and like it? i loved it i want another request lol if you dont mind i just love your stories i want one with xiumin pls~
@taetaebaozi Thank you sooo much~^^ I had a writer's block, so I couldn't update for a while... But I feel great that you liked it!馃槉
omg! i loved it aww im so glad kook is ok and im also glad she saved him im in love with your stories like omg~