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No real AU Baekhyun x reader Some minor warnings
He examined the surroundings. Some white room... The bones in his hand cracked as he lifted his arm up to his head. He tugged at the cords that seemed to be attached to his head one by one. The rest of the room was silent, eerily silent. All attempts at moving the rest of his body failed as some kind of metal chains held him firmly to the bed-like surface he laid on. With all the strength he had, he fought against the restraints. After about 5 minutes of forcing his body to force against the cold links, they finally broke. He was free. Now, where now?
He slammed the door open - still no one to be seen. What was this? A mirror! He could now see what he looked like. Black quiffed hair and multiple scars and bruises. A chain hung from his neck and a similar one from his bottom lip. He wasn't some dog so, why did he neck so many chains? Peering down, he noticed that he was wearing a white cloth over his clothes. The cloth was soon discarded so he could assess the clothes he was left in. A black silky suit with a black shirt underneath. Why was he dressed like this? He was dressed for a party... Or a funeral.
His brain began to hurt as he tried tore gain some memory. Anything, anything at all. The only thing that popped into his mind was that his name was Baekhyun and that he had to get out of the building and find a guy called Taehyung. He rushed down corridor after corridor and came across and exit of some sort. He smashed a chair through the glass and spotted a couple of nearby cars. That's when it hit him. He'd seen something shiny on the desk in the main hall by the exit.
He went back and picked up the keys randomly searching for the car that they belonged to. *beep beep* A red jaguar unlocked. 'Sweet, nice car' He slid into the driver's seat and rode away. Driving seemed to come naturally to him, some things you just always remember how to do. He head in a direction that seemed familiar, Busan. After some time, he pulled over to the side of the road. The chain hanging from his lip was getting irritating when trying to drive safely. He unclipped the piercing and threw it out of the window. No use for that anymore!
From what he could detect, it was still morning, if not then it was lunch time. He followed the signs to the outskirts of Busan. Passing house after house after house, no particular familiarity came. He parked by a big house between the outskirts and the rest of Busan. Taehyung's house? He wasn't sure why he had stopped but it was a good bet that this was his destination. His thoughts engulfed him, maybe this Taehyung could answer his questions. What was that building? What was I doing there? Why could I only remember about myself and you?
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