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Fanfic,anyone ?
Annyeong, Hola it's Senia and I'm thinking of making a fanfic !! I want to make a taglist for my Fanfics though, so y'all could get notified when I make one, if you want to get tagged just comment below and ill add you to the fanfic taglist.I would appreciate if y'all could take a look at my fanfic and tell me your opinion on it so I can decide whether to keep making Fanfics or not Thanks for your time !😊 Chingus @kimnam94 @chelseagarcia @mrsyookihyun @thatphamily @pharmgirlerin @cheersmacky @taehyungv @vixxstarlight1 @lovelikematoi @xoxojessica12 @jackieg1617 @abigailh758 @jaeneashajones@vixxstarlight1 @khouyang @elainarenea @lovelikematoi @jackieg1617 @jaeneashajones @jinsprincess86 @juliavip @manaiapio @lizholder @resavalencia @btsjungkook1997 @chelseagarcia
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I will like to be tagged!! I'm Please.. I Live For FanFics γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹
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tag me plz
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please tag me😊
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