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The winner of this award: Cross Gene~ Play with Me

I'm addicted to this song. It's now been 4x's playing it, and I'm still going. Amazing!!!

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I made your card a sticky card in hopes that people stumble upon it and check them out ♡
a year ago·Reply
@AimeeH Thank you so much! <3 They really deserve so much more attention, this is perfect! And the members themselves are all amazing. Definitely a fan now.
a year ago·Reply
@KAddict It's no problem love! I am so glad to welcome a new fan into the Fandom ♡ Yeass they are!! These 6 boys are my heart and soul! ♡ I am so glad you love them!
a year ago·Reply
My fav for as long as I can remember listening to K-pop
a year ago·Reply
The entire album is outstanding anytime one of the songs from it comes on shuffle I have to hear all the others from the album at least once afterwards, that's just how amazing it is ^^
a year ago·Reply