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I had gotten lucky recently, and got my break from Simon. I had to go back to the states due to family reasons. Apparently my eldest sister had a stalker that wasn't getting the hint he was unwanted and unwelcome.
This situation kept me away from South Korea and AOMG for a good month. Unplanned events always seem to take the longest. When it was done with, I took the next flight out to South Korea, to return to my work.
As always Seonghwa (Gray) was the first to greet me, when I returned. "Hey Lala-ie, saw the chaos you had to deal with online. Did you really break the guy's arm?" Jay, Hoody, and Hyuk Woo (Loco) were in the lounge with Seonghwa.
So, when he brought up the reason that made me temporarily leave come up, they all looked at me. "Honestly, it was not my intention to harm him, but some stalkers just need to be man handled to get the message."
Jay whistle, after I spoke and gave me a light smile. "So glad you're on our side... and at least you try to show restrain." I smiled, whilst walking over to Jay, and sat beside him. "Phone please..."
He held out his hand, and since I knew what he was gonna do, I willingly handed it over. "Oh yeah, heads up... Simon has a girlfriend now... they just made it official two days ago, but been dating for a month now."
My heart sank to the acid in my stomach, the second Jay warn me. My feelings I had been working on breaking for Simon came running back in. "Oh, so the moment I'm away a girl got in?" I try to make sure I spoke in a joking tone.
Everyone chuckled so I think I success. "Don't worry, we did our homework on her. She a local model, and has yet to set off any red flags." Seonghwa said, as he sat down next to me. I nodded my head, and saw Jay gave me back my phone.
"There now you're updated, but take today off, you did just land a couple of hours ago." I faked being tired, and used Jay as a pillow. I heard a few chuckles, and an arm wrapped around my waist. "Don't play with me, Lavi. You'll regret it."
I sat up, and moved away from Jay, to get closer to Seonghwa. "Naughty Jay just so naughty." Everyone got a good laugh out of Jay and my behavior. I had manage to get close to Jay as well, to the point where we just goof off with each other.
Seonghwa or Hyuk Woo were always the ones to get stuck in the middle of us all. Seonghwa was actually getting used to it, and always help me pull away from Jay. It was fun being part of this company, and not having to worry so much about bull shit.
"Lavi! Welcome back!" Ju Kyung (Ugly Duck) enter the room with Simon and a very beautiful thin woman. He gave running over to me, and I got up to give him a hug. I know we had the issue of him hitting on me so much.
But since we talked it out, we were able to become good friends. Ju Kyung brought me over to Simon and the woman, so I could meet her. "Lavi-ah this is Nari noona." I looked at Ju Kyung, when he called her 'Noona'.
It meant she was older than me as well. I turned to face her again, and bow to show her respect. "Its a pleasure to meet you." She smiled warmly as she bow as well, before we shook hands.
She had beautiful white teeth, and they were perfectly straight. Her complexion was clear, this woman might as well be a damn goddess. She brush back her long brown wavy hair, and looked over at Simon.
"You didn't tell me your manager was a woman." I gulped as I grabbed onto something a bit firmly, and try to hide it behind me. "Ah, mianhae, boo, I though I did when I told you they were my dongsaeng."
She shook her head, and face me again. "What country are you from... not hard to tell you're not from Seoul." You could tell she was trying to be nice to me, but was biting back her discomfort with the fact that I was his manager.
Only I seem to notice it, cause it didn't seem to phase the others. "The States, like Jay oppa." Something dropped hard on the floor, making us all look at Hyuk Woo, Seonghwa, and Jay.
Jay was grinning from ear to ear, as he stood up. He had put his laptop down a bit harshly on the counter, but didn't care at all. "Hold up...what did you just say?" I looked around a bit scared as to what I did, then I noticed the thing I grabbed hold of was Ju Kyung's arm.
I let go of him, and back away from everyone. "You said Jay actually said it." I blinked and looked up at Jay, whilst rubbing the back of my neck. Jay bounce over to me, and picked me up, to spin us around once, before hugging me.
"Lala, you have no idea how much that means to me. The only one you have been calling oppa is Loco." I was at a lost at what to do, and was scared to even speak up
A strong pair of hands, pulled me away from Jay, and to their owner's side. Chacha had come to my rescue, and had turn to face me. "You owe me dinner... remember?" He winked at me, as I noticed he was trying to get me out of the building.
"Ah! I'm so sorry, Chase, I totally forgot about that." Chacha looked over at everyone and smiled warmly. "Sorry, but I'll be stealing this one... I'm starving and she owes me a meal." He turn me towards the exit, and rush me out the door before anyone could say anything.
He waited til we were both walking the sidewalk to talk to me. "What's going on? I can out to see you holding Duck-ie's hand behind you back. Not to mention you actually made Jay's day by finally calling him oppa. Though honestly I've never seen you so scared and ready to shut down before."
Chacha, also known as Chase, had called me out on my behavior. I sighed heavily, as I finally relaxed. Chase and I were secretly closer than anyone in the company. We just didn't show it like I did with Hyuk Woo.
He treated me like I was his baby sister though, since well, if you looked at us, we could pull it off. I was only a lighter skin tone than him, had the same eye color, and I was the same height as Jay, making me a few inches short than Chase.
"I though I was doing well at hiding it... but she walk in. I had never felt personally threaten until now." I hung my head, watching our feet, as I try to figure this all out. "Lavi, do you have feelings for Simon?"
I slowly looked up at Chase, as we both stop walk. He turn to me a bit shocked, as he realized he was right. "Whoa, why didn't you act on it? Now its kind of too late." I looked away from him and watched the people come and go by us.
"I can't act on my feelings as long as I work at AOMG. Its part of my training. Falling for a charge is unacceptable, and against the bodyguard code of ethics." I was basically reciting part of my training I was taught when I finish my training course.
"You're only with us temporarily. So technically, He that one charge you are allow to fall for. Is your feelings for him, the reason his girlfriend makes you feel threaten?" I shrugged, as that was actually only part of it.
Something about Nari felt completely off towards me, and I felt as if she was going to do something that was going to harm me. But until she did, I was going to have to accept that she can give Simon everything I can never do.
"Chase, may we please just go eat. I don't wish to talk about it anymore." He hum, whilst putting his arm around my shoulders. "Yeah, we can go eat now, but there is one thing I must say before hand."
We started walking, as I looked up at him. "If you feel uncomfortable, threaten, or just need and escape, text or even call me if you need to, okay?" I smiled softly and snuggled up close to Chase. He took it as my answer and return the hug.
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