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Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is why am I not listening to more English music?

I've been home driving around with my friend who listens to really really great music in her car, but its all American or British. Why am I not listening to this all the time? When did I stop listening to a majority of Western music?
I still like a fair amount of American music, but I also really love Spanish-language music as well as French music! I'm also getting back into Jpop thanks to my Jpop friends on Vingle^^ For me there's really no reason why I don't listen to American music (its not like I hate it or I'm against the lyrics or industry) - I guess I just connect with Korean pop more!

What about you, do you listen to western music? If no, then why not?

I listen to the good stuff. I love Avril Lavigne, Peirce the veil, Black Veil Brides, ACDC and all the older music. But listening to all the "cool new" music now a days it makes me miss the seriousness the lyrics bring. Like yeah the repeated beats and lyrics are cool and all but what happened to people writing music that spoke about something. I was talking to my grandparents today and they asked why people in the younger generation don't give music CDs or tapes to the ones they love anymore. And thinking that makes me sad in western music. Yeah there's good songs out there that actually speak deeply about something, but it's so hard to find them when it's all "n word n word yeah I fucked her momma and her sister." Like it gets tiring. So that's my insight lol
for me a lot of western music lacks depth both in the actual music and in the lyrics. it seems like all the songs are about partying, sex, or heartbreak. I like the diversity of kpop
Because I got tired of hearing about sex and her big booty and how cool people are and hearing of another one of Taylor's breakups. I listen to American music that is not as popular a lot actually so IDK. Maybe I wanted something new an exciting and different and so when I found kpop it filled a void in me which American music failed to fill.
I listen to western music, usually am up to date with current songs and all, but I don't listen to it solely. I feel as though popular songs are just overplayed on the radio too much too often and it has just gotten old for me. This is why I've taken interest in other styles of music, because it offers me more varieties for my playlists but also I feel an overall better connection to me personally than a lot of western music.
To put it simply, I'm bored of it. I'm bored of the language. I hear English, I read English, I sing English (in choir), I speak English, I write in English. it's just boring.
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