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Below are a few tracks that have strong reggae influences which is a trend that pretty fun in Kpop!

What trend do you love in Kpop right now?

I'm loving tropical house :3

2NE1 - I Don't Care (Reggae Version)

Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

2NE1 - Falling in Love

Primary - Don't Be Shy

GD - R.O.D

Let me know your favorite trend in the comments :D

Don't be shy slew me! I have loved it from day one
if you are a "True" lover of music. then the style does not matter. simply because music is felt within the soul, and no one can truly dislike the raggae genre... I mean it just EXUDES peace and harmony, and well kpop, just EXUDES panties hitting the floor! I mean because everyone has a Bias that we will just die for... and those 2 genres put together... EXUDES SMILKING FACES
There's actually a song by P.K. Skull and Haha called Love Inside feat. Steven Marley, son of the father of reggae, Bob Marley
I love falling in love, why so lonely and R.O.D , R.O.D has that cool dubstep reggae feel
skull and ha ha don't laugh is amazing!!
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