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Pokémon Go has been released in over 30 countries as of today!! There is 3 different teams you can choose from: Team Instinct, Team Mystic OR Team Valor. Along with these 3 Teams there is currently 151 Pokémon to capture within the Kantos Pokédex region!!
The original 151 Pokémon from the Kanto Region.
When you first start your journey 3 starter Pokémon will appear around you. 1. Squirtle 2. Charmander 3. Bulbasaur But.. did you know if you ignore these three long enough a fourth would show up?! Yep you guessed it Pikachu!! However once you capture one of the starters the others will take off so choose carefully! :)
Above you find your two best friends :3 Insense- Is a virtual perfume fragrence that will lure any wild Pokémon to you for 30 minutes. There is a 5 minute limit per Pokémon so you should see a Pokémon within each 5 minute intervals. You start out with 2 of these in the beginning. Lucky Egg - This little baby will double your XP you get from Capturing Pokémon, Discovering New Pokémon & Evolving Pokémon. Do you wanna level up super quick?!! Save your candies and doubles/triples etc of each Pokémon you have. Then when this little baby is activated evolve them all at once. Each new Pokémon discovered XP will be doubled as well as well as the XP you get when you evolve
Pokéstore!!! So here you can purchase different helpful items however to get coins it requires in game purchases... meaning real money. You can purchase these BUt if you live places where there are a bunch of Pokéstops (unlike me ) take advantage of them and save yourself money as many Pokéstops give you helpful items to help you through out your journey!!
Eevee Evolutions As we capture more and more Eevee through out the game we get 3 candies each time. The fact is you only need to capture 7 Eevee to have enough candies. 7 Eevee x 3 Candies = 21 candies then transfer 6 or even just 4 of you Eevee to get 25 candies. Now here is the exciting part, you're ready to evolve... BUT wait.. what if you don't get the evolution you wanted?! Try this trick!! Before evolving rename your Eevee: Sparky if you want a Jolteon. Rainer if you want a Vaporeon. Pyro if you want a Flareon. I myself haven't tried this yet but it is said to work the first time on each evolution!!
Are you tired of your favorite Pokémon breaking out of the Pokéball and fleeing before you succeed on the capture TuT Well you will receive better balls as you progress through the game Level 1-12 you will receive Normal Pokéballs Level 12-21 you will receive Great Balls Level 21-? you will receive Ultra Balls
Sooo thats all for today guys. I'll add more tips and tricks regarding the game later on so stay alert xD Now with that being said.. get off your butts and go catch em all!!
Valor it is. 😊
@YumiMiyazaki no, VALOR
Mystic FTW xD @BobbieStinson
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