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Kaneki x Hide HideKane/ KaneHide
Kaneki x Uta UtaKane
Kaneki x Tsukiyama TsukiKane Well then... I wanted to post some Tokyo Ghoul yaoi but I didnt know which ship. These are just some of the top ships I found with Kaneki Comment below any other Tokyo Ghoul yaoi ships you would wanna see and I will give you fan art!! (=ↀωↀ=)
I love how none of these ships are straight or Yuri not that I blame you yaoi is pretty hot if I do say so myself
They all have their own perks. KaneHide would be the adorable best friends to lovers trope. UtaKaneki would be the hottest and most intense one. and TsukiKane would be like some of the Junjou series relationahips. My favorite though would definitely be KaneHide 💖
All of them lol First two pairings are way better though
Ohmigrud I love all these ships except tsukiyama and kaneki
hide is dead and tsukiyama just wants to eat kaneki
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