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“We could go anywhere today and you choose to stay in the hot tub?” Jinhwan asked, standing in just his trunks. You rested your head against the rim of the hot tub and smiled, the jets shooting into your back.
You nodded and he smiled, getting in. He sighed feeling the heated water and sunk into the water. You moved through the water, going to sit with him. You sat on his lap and he put his hand on your waist.
“It’s your day off so you should relax” you said.
“Yeah but we don’t have to sit in all day if you don’t want to.” His thumb rubbed your side and you sighed lightly. It was moments like these that made you question your relationship with him. The two of you were in a weird limbo state. You were dating in every possible way but neither of you wanted to claim that title of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. You talked all throughout the day, neither of you were looking for another relationship, both of you had gotten jealous of the other’s interactions with men/women, you’d even made out a few times. It was frustrating but there was nothing you could do about it.
Although his group hadn’t debuted yet, they were already amazingly famous and busy. Every where he turned, there were cameras in his face and he didn’t want to put you through that. You were in total agreement. The thought of being in a public relationship, with everyone judging and staring, was horrifying and seemed extremely stressful. Even still, you had some sort of unspoken claim over Jinhwan and he had some unspoken claim over you.
“What are you thinking about?” he asked.
“Us” you responded. He put his cheek against your damp, hot shoulder.
“What about us?”
“Do you think we should have a label?” you asked. He sat up and looked at you, searching your eyes.
“You want one now?” he asked. You shrugged and he maneuvered your body so that you were straddling him. You hadn’t noticed that you were frowning until he pulled his hands out of the water and smoothed them over your skin. “What’s wrong? I thought we agreed to just be…us” he asked.
“Yeah but what am I supposed to introduce you as? You aren’t my friend, you aren’t my boyfriend. What are you?” you asked.
“I’m yours. I’m your Jinhwan and you are my ___” he said. You smiled and rolled your eyes. He laughed and put his hands back on your hips. “If you don’t want to call me that, then call me your boyfriend. That’s basically what I am anyway” he said. That term still frightened you, although he seemed to be perfectly fine with it.
“My Jinhwan?” you asked, turning the term over in your mind. He nodded and, once again, pulled a hand out of the steamy water. He placed his hand against the side of your neck and pulled you down into a kiss. The warmth of his hand caressed your neck and you pressed your body close to his. You could hear the sound of your lips smacking against one another and the hot tubs jets making the water bubble. Your knees locked against his body as he pulled you closer, your groins aligned with one another.
He was beginning to get hard as you moved your hands over his shoulders and biceps. You were getting wet. He’d never gone as far as to place you against his erection. The two of you were always afraid that crossing that boundary would only make you want each other more. Now that you’d verbalized your roles, all bets were off.
He flexed his hips, pushing his erection against you. You responded by rolling your hips and the both of you moaned, breaking the kiss. Jinhwan untied the strings to your bikini top and you could hear the water dripping from his hands. The top loosened and he pulled it off, exposing your bare breasts. He grabbed your left breast firmly in his right hand and brought his mouth to your nipple. The tip of his tongue circled around your nipple and you ran your wet fingers through his hair. His lips were so soft as they sucked on your breasts.
His fingers pulled at the laced strings on your bikini bottoms and they came undone. He let you stand up long enough to remove his shorts and tossed them outside of the tub. Pulling you back onto his lap, he connected his lips with yours again. Your noses rubbed against one another as your lips grazed and smacked against each other. His erection pushed into your belly button and you looked down.
You lifted your hips and Jinhwan took hold of his penis, angling it to your opening. You looked into his eyes, the steam from the tub surrounding the two of you, and sunk down. You could feel him stretching you out and it made you moan. Your hips moved by themselves, rocking and rotating against him.
He grabbed hold of your hips, helping you to ride him. Your movements caused waves to build in the water but you weren’t moving fast enough for the water to splash out. You moved slow, wanting to feel everything that he had move inside of you. Neither of you wanted your first time with each other to be rushed. His hips pressed upward to meet your thrusts and you moaned in unison.
Every nerve in your body came alive as you felt your orgasm coming. Your nipples stood at attention and your arms had goosebumps as you squeezed around his penis. Jinhwan gnawed on his bottom lip as he continued lifting you up and down. Every time you sunk down on him, you released a heavy moan until you finally just exploded. Your arms wrapped around his neck as your upper body sunk against him.
He still moved you, each thrust shooting tremors through your already worn out body. He kissed your shoulder and came into you, his heart beating through his chest. His arms locked around your back, keeping you close too him. You tightened your arms around him and you head rested against his shoulder. Neither of you said anything, just taking in what just transpired.
“My girlfriend; my ___” he said. Jinhwan kissed your shoulder again and let his lips rest there. You smiled, hearing his words, and lifted your head. You kissed his cheek and he smiled.
You still wouldn’t call him your boyfriend. It wasn’t because you didn’t like the title. It wasn’t because you were afraid to call him that. It was because he felt like so much more than that. He was more than your boyfriend. He was your Jinhwan.
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