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Yey I'm updating! Sarah did an amazing job on the previous part! So since she went all serious discussion on me I'm doing a little bit more, there is goofy in there as well. I can't not write goofy. So if you missed @SarahVanDorn 's part 22 here is a link for you!
After going to the museum Jenni and Sarah had to rush back to make it in time for their show at noon. They had lost track of time exploring the 3d museum and getting caught up in the random trip. “Alright guy’s and girls you have Ruby and Diamond back in your ear chatting away about randomness. I hope your ready for this cause I know I am” Jenni started out. “So we are revisiting an old topic from way back when” Sarah commented. “Except were doing a little different. It’s Animal time!” “I love animal time! Some of the scenario’s that come up get pretty entertaining” Jenni said. Sarah started to laugh. “Remember when you said you would climb up a tree to get away from a wolf” Sarah brought up. “And how my panda had the super power of eating bamboo extremely loud to annoy everyone” Jenni said. “Not the best super power. I don’t know why you wouldn’t just sit on the other animal. The amount of filth on a panda’s behind is so gross and stinky it could kill someone” Sarah brought up. “Don’t you dare talk about Panda’s that way. They are cute and fluffy and adorable” Jenni said. “OKay okay fine. So Ruby what brought the thought of animals up today?” Sarah questioned “Well I don’t know if you know but I got Namjoon to give me an autograph” Jenni started. “I had this little thing that went back and forth it was super funny too. I think I confused him with my crazy though” Jenni laughed. “Okay so what did you have him say in this autograph. I’m assuming it wasn’t just his name” Sarah said. “Nope” Jenni smiled. “So I had asked him for his autograph and asked if he could make it out to Panda” she said. “Oh my god. Is this because you want more people to join you supporting Panda’s?” Sarah questioned. “Yes, yes. I need to make an army of panda lovers! Than we shall unite and set them free from the zoo’s” Jenni stated. “Oh god, you can’t set them free. We talked about this. They get a free supply of bamboo and toys to play with and get to be lazy and hang in trees all they want” Sarah explained. “But but but” Jenni whined. “Okay backing up now. So what did Namjoon put down?” she questioned. “Oh yea, sorry distraction. Anyway he questioned about Panda and I just kept repeating Panda until I finally said Tiger!” Jenni told her. “Okay okay, now what did he write?” Sarah said. She knew what he wrote, Jenni had told her early but she was smiling look a goof wanting her to share with their audience. “Well I think it’s now a nickname, i don’t know. I hope it doesn’t stick” Jenni said. “Oh I think it will” Sarah stated. “He wrote to Klutz of a panda” Jenni stated. “Klutzy Panda” Sarah laughed. “Ugh that’s going to stick” Jenni laughed. “But back to animal talk. The either or is Panda vs Tiger. Which one do you like better and which one do you think can win in a fight” Jenni finally put the question out there. “Well I love panda's but honestly a tiger would win in a heart beat. tiger's are vicious" Sarah said. "I don't know if I was a panda I would climb up a tree and throw bamboo at it until it left" Jenni said. "You and the tree's. You know a tiger has these amazing things called claws, they can climb a tree with them. Panda is no longer safe" Sarah pointed out. "Yea but see up in a tree it's harder to fight then on the ground so panda is still reasonably safe. Its the thing about tree's, you have to continually hold onto something so you don't fall out leaving you very little to work with to hurt something else" Jenni pointed out. "Jenni you and that tree. your just prolonging the inevitable" Sarah said making her laugh. “Okay, So you think that the tiger will win?”Jenni questioned. “Why don't we take a couple callers and see what they think.” Jenni said as she clicked on a phone call. “Your on with Ruby and Diamond Doll what is your take, panda or tiger?” Sarah asked. “I would go for tiger and I'm sorry Ruby but in fair fight a tiger would win in a heart beat.” the caller answered. “Drat Diamond one for you” Jenni laughed. “Yes I'm winning!” Sarah shouted. “Ruby I wanted to tell you bravo on getting an autograph. Was that when they came into interview?” the guy questioned. “Uh kind of” she said making sarah laugh. “It was actually this morning. Since the interview last week both Ruby and I have become friends with the members” Sarah told our caller. “Okay that makes since. Is there anything going on with any of the members?” the guy questioned. Jenni stared at Sarah not sure what to do. She just winked and started talking. “ Well I don't know, it's still early on. But I honestly have to say we're thinking some of the guys are more like brothers or a best friend kind of deal” Sarah said. “Good. I would hate to see Ruby with Rap monster. I'd be afraid he would break her in two” the guy said. Jenni stared at sarah completely blank face. Holy crap what was this guy saying. Sarah gave her her a sympathetic look. “I don't know, miss klutz and Mr. Destruction i think it's a match right there” sarah said. “Ruby are you there? “ the caller asked. Jenni had to put on a smile and act goofy, like that didn't totally hurt her feelings. “I’m here, I'm here. Aren't you just so sweet, you care about my safety” Jenni said it got a questionable look from sarah. “But it don't think I could not hurt myself at least once a day. And before you say It I've already been told that I should be placed in a padded room for my own safety. I admit I can probably still find a way to get hurt.” Jenni laughed. “ You should take care of yourself Ruby” he advice. After that call Sarah told him they were getting off topic and went right back to talking about animals. It came out that panda won in likes but a tiger would win in a fight. There was several people who made comments about Jenni and Namjoon that thry wouldn’t be a good match and people were trying to guess who Sarah would be a fine match for. There was was a tie of she would be with Tae or suga. People matched Jenni up with Kooki or J hope. It was funny hearing people's thoughts. When they were done for the day Sarah and Jenni left the studio together. “Your still thinking about that first caller aren't you?” Sarah questioned. “Yea. Kinda made me depressed “ Jenni said.
They were just outside the building when they heard rumbling of a motorcycle coming down the way. Dominic stopped just shy of hitting the two of them. “Hey dom” Jenni said sounding depressed. “What's wrong with you?” he questioned as he got of his bikes and leaned against it. “She's upset over a caller from this afternoon “ Sarah said, “What did they say? “ Dominic questioned “they said how me and Rap monster aren't a good match” Jenni stated. “Well I don't think so either but that doesn't stop you from seeing him” he stated, “Why do you say that to me?” jenni questioned about ready to burst into tears. He just shrugged. “He's a rapper. I never expected you to go for that style”he spoke like it was nothing but with the look on her face he tried covering his butt. “Jen your sweet like a piece of candy, and caring and so innocent. How can I see you with someone rough like him. At least with me you would be protected from the world not put on display” he spoke super fast but her eyes widned. “and sarah. I Haven't even touched your situation with the young man. He is to little for you, I see you breaking him. At least go for the calm collected one” he went after Sarah making islet feel more balanced. “I can't believe you just said that” Sarah said fee closing her mouth. “You mean Suga. He already turned her down claiming sibling bond formed” Jenni said. “And thanks for making it worse.” she narrowed her eyes “I hate you right now. " “Come on jen Jen, the boys will cheer us up tonight, after all we have dates tonight” Sarah said linking arm with Jenni's. They walked off Leaving Dominic by his bike. When they got to their apartment Namjoon was calling Jenni up. “Hello” She answered. “How’s my klutzy Panda?” he answered making her laugh. “Oh gosh had you heard the show?” she questioned feeling goofy happy all of a sudden. “We played some of it when it first came on since we were on break from practice” he told her. “So you heard the first part where we were talking about panda’s?” she questioned. “That and about who would be a good match for you and sarah from our group” he said making her remember the bad caller, she now called him that. “Oh really? What did you think of it?” she asked him. “I like panda’s now but I’m sorry Jen I think a tiger would kill a panda” he told her making her laugh. “Sadly I agree a tiger would win in a fight” Jenni finally said. “Hey I have a question for tonight do you just want to come over and watch movies. I don’t really want to go out” She told him. She had been nervous to ask it since it meant it would be the first time he visited and came inside there place. “That’s fine. I’ll bring take out over” he agreed. She did a little happy dance. “Sweet, Thank you! And I’ll be sure to kick sarah out so it’s just me and you” she told him. “I’ll bring kooki over, he’s been asking about her this entire time I’ve been talking to you” He chuckled. “That’ll be good. Me and Sarah haven’t had that great of a day ever since that first caller we took this afternoon” she told him. “Don’t think about it to much babe. He was an idiot” he reasured her. “Thanks for saying that. But it was just so many people who started to match us up with other people and saying the ones we like weren’t even an option” Jenni whined. She was sitting on the couch and playing with her panda stuffed animal. It was big and fluffy. “They don’t know the real you or me” he told her. “We are just fine together. Just like sarah said your my klutzy panda” he told her making her feel all bubbly inside. “I feel like I need a nicname for you too” she giggled. “Come up with one before I get over there” he said. “I gotta go, I’ll see you in an hour” he told her. They said a quick goodbye to each other. “Sarah Kooki is coming over too! I think this just turned into a double date again” Jenni called out. “Kooki is coming too? You guys staying here or going out?” she asked popping her head out of her room. “We’re staying in and watching movies.” Jenni told her. “Okay that sounds good” she nodded.
Namjoon and Kooki came a little while later. Kooki was excited to see Sarah and said a little hi to Jenni before going over to sarah. Namjoon was different, right at the doorway he enveloped her into a hug and told her he was sorry she had such a bad day. There was a knock at the door just as Jenni was sitting down next to Namjoon. “Who could that be?” Sarah questioned looking towards the front hall. “Dunno, I’ll go answer it” Jenni said getting right back up. “Don’t start the movie without me” she added before she was in the hall and going to answer the door. On the other side stood Dominic. “No” She said confused seeing him. As she went to slam the door in his face he kept the door open with his hand. “Hey” he said ruffling her hair. “Na, don’t do that” Jenni tried to right the headband she was wearing. “What are you doing here?” she asked scowling at him. “You said that guy was over here” He said like it was obvious. “So? Doesn’t mean you have to rush-” “Yes, it does. What makes you think you can be alone with a boy” he scolded her. Jenni’s mouth dropped open in shock. “What?” she gave a hysterical laugh. “You heard me right” he said. “No,Dom I completely heard my own brother coming out of your mouth” She said. “Why are you acting like that? It’s weird” She gave him a look to convey her feeling. “Jenni who’s at the door?” Sarah called out. “Dominic” Jenni called out. “Don’t let him in!” Sarah called out. “To late!” Dominic said moving past Jenni and into the apartment. She followed him and stopped right behind him. “Sarah” He nodded in her direction. “Who are these two?” he questioned pointing at Namjoon and Kookie. “He looks young” Dominic let his gave land on Kookie. “Dom, your being rude” Jenni said coming up to stand next to him. “What are you doing here?” Sarah scrunched up her face as she spoke. “”You told me earlier you had a date” he slanted a glance at Jenni. “It’s movie night” Jenni crossed her arms over her chest. “Good, what movie are we watching?” he turned to face her and crossed his own arms. “Sin City” Jenni answered. “Horror?” he cocked a brow. “Yup” she nodded. “That’s very unlike you” he said giving her a look. “Where’s the popcorn?” he questioned. “There isn’t any” Jenni said. “Now that i’ve answered your questions can you leave?” she asked him politely. “No” he said. “I’m grabbing a beer” he said walking to the kitchen. “This is so not the way I saw tonight going” Jenni deflated next to Namjoon. She tugged her panda into her lap and held onto it. “It’s alright babe. Let’s watch the movie and relax a little” Namjoon said as he put his arm around her. “When dominic came back into the room thankfully he just took the blue chair so he sat by himself and didn’t try to wedge himself in between people. “I still hate you Dom” Jenni repeated her words from earlier. “Times two” Sarah added. He just shrugged. “You’ll love me again tomorrow” he said before downing his beer. As the movie went Jenni started getting very sleepy, she didn’t have the energy to make comentary like she normally did so stayed quiet for the most part of the movie. At one point she fell asleep on Namjoon. He was asleep as well. When she woke up the movie was over. Kooki and Sarah were asleep on each other. The only person who was awake was Dominic. He was turning off the movie for them. “Your that comfortable with this guy?” He asked, he knew she was awake. “Yes” she said in a raspy whisper. “Where do you see it leading? Will you go through the tough times and the good times?” he asked looking at her. “I think so” she answered not sure. “If he stays by me. He’s a very sweet and caring person” she told him. “I’ll let it go than. For now” Dominic let out a long sigh. “I’ll head out first.” he said. After he left the rest of them woke up. It was close to midnight now so the guys decided they wouldn’t spend the night and left.
The next morning the early show went by fast, they talked about random movies and different kinds of genres. It wasn’t that great of a show and Jenni didn’t want to give away that they had a special guest on the show. When their break came Jenni and sarah went out for coffee to wake up. “We aren’t going to talk about any members of bts for a while, is that okay? I don’t really want a repeat of yesturday” Jenni told sarah as they sat down. “I don’t know if I can help myself Jen jen I mean we are spending so much time with them” she said. “I know. But those callers just made me feel like crap” Jenni said being honest. “Okay okay, we’ll cut back on it. I could tell you went into shock when that guy started talking about how you two weren’t a good match” she said sympathetically. “Well I think it’ll be easier to get off this for a little while” Jenni all of a sudden grinned. Sarah looked scared and than amused. “I’ve seen that look. What are you up too?” Sarah questioned. “Oh I have one hell of a surprise for you today” Jenni grinned. “What? Tell me” She insisted. “Nope you’ll find out just moments before it happens” Jenni said. “And I know your secret you’ve been holding onto” Jenni added. “What secret?” sarah looked away. “You know I had a long talk with the boss man yesterday. He told me a lot of things” Jenni hedged. “Like?” Sarah played oblivious still. “Like where you got those got7 tickets and high touch” Jenni started. “I don’t know what your talking about” Sarah played dumb still. “Or that you have tickets to see bts for us” Jenni went on. Sarah stayed quiet. “Or how I asked for the Exo tickets and he said yes after i tred to guess what tickets he gave you” Her eyes widened. “Are you serious!” she yelled extatic. “Yep” Jenni nodded. “Omg omg were going to see all of our favorite groups now” she got up and did a happy dance. Jenni laughed at her but nodded. “Alright, hey lets head back to the studio a little early, is that okay?” Jenni asked standing up. Sarah looked at her skeptically. “You rarely want to go in early” Sarah said confused. Jenni just shrugged. “I’m bored okay bored” “Fine. sorry for boring you with my excitement” Sarah said. So they made their way back to the studio and went inside. There was a lot of activity going on inside and Jenni got all excited all of a sudden. Like she was bouncing off the walls. “Calm down Jen jen it’s not like anything exciting is happening with us today” Sarah said. “Oh how wrong you are” She said as they approached their booth. It was only a half hour before their show but people were gathered in the hallway. Sarah stopped dead in her tracks making Jenni bump into her back. “Jennifer! How could you keep this from me” Sarah whirled around and stared at Jenni. She pointed behind her. “That’s, that, that that’s” she stuttered. “Got7?” Jenni finished her sentence. A loud squeal came out of her causing people to stop and stare at her. “Remember rule one, no fan girling” Jenni said holding up a finger. “And no asking inappropriate questions!” She held up a second finger.
So I know SUPER LONG PART! I was going to stop after the talk before the date night but had to bring some happy moment even though it wasn't that great, after all Dominic showed up lol and then I wanted to do the very beginning of Got7 coming so I went a little crazy writing (i've been writing all day lol) so ended up long . I hope you don't mind! I even put pictures in there (Okay in 2 minutes after I post this there will be pictures) Okay now I have to ask our readers a question!!!!!! Since we have got7 joining Ruby and Diamond on the show we are going to ask our lovely readers: What are some questions you would like Ruby and Diamond to ask GOT7???
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Like super long, big fan!!lol First off...Ewww Dom! booooooooo! *throws popcorn at his face...throws bowl at his head!* Second...*squeal* Got7!! yay!😆 Ohh and almost forgot....question! Who comes closer to your ideal type, Diamond or Ruby?😉
Hmm...I don't know how honest anyone from GOT7 would/could be with any of the questions I would want to ask them.
First off, DOM YOU BUTTHOLE!!! HOW DARE YOU RUIN DATE NIGHT WITH BAE AND KOOKIE!!! I can't think of any questions though...maybe something about Markson?? I don't know, it'll still be amazing to read.
@SweetDuella That would be awesome! My names Maritess but everyone just calls me Tess for short.😊
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