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Sadly, this fun week for the Fairy Tail Challenge is over, but hey! Congratulations to the two profiles picked! @watermage and @BelleofRay won this challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing them do awesome!
Now then, to our current admins/mods, I think you have made an excellent choice! I hope to see a new challenge quite soon! It was a fun experience for all who participated and enjoyed the cards! So @Tylor619, @AimeBolanos, @OtakuDemon10, @hikaymm and the two new recruits:
I'll see you in Fairy Tail!
Im glad you had fun and thank you so much for participating!πŸ’•
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πŸ‘†I hope you know you all did awesome, and I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I loved all of your cards! πŸ’ž
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Ahhh it was so fun <3 <3 thank you!!! :D can't wait to do more~πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
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