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Dee looked at her phone and then moved her sight to the window. She was home alone after her aunt went to the store. Dee stood from her seat on the couch and walked into the kitchen to grab herself a coke. She wrapped her hand around the can and closed the fridge door behind her. She took her seat back and wrapped a blanket around her a snuggled into the warmth. She looked at the tv and It was on Chopped, a cooking competition show. She watched as the episode ended and a new one started. She lost concentration of the time and fell asleep on the couch, with the coke in one hand and her body under the blanket. Dee soon awoke as her aunt entered the house. Dee stood up and went outside to grab some bags and drag them into the kitchen. She grabbed the bags she had and started to put the groceries away. She turned and saw her aunt bringing in the last of the bags. Her aunt looked tired, she had stayed up the night before to talk with her nephew. Her aunt had her green eyes shining. Jisoo, Dee's brother, had never liked the color green. Dee never understood why. Dee never went to church, but Jisoo did. Jisoo followed his dreams since he can sing and play guitar, Dee never could. Dee was only good for talking and dancing. Dee shook her head slightly and put the rest of the groceries away. Dee brushed her hands together and went up to her room. She checked her phone and to her luck, no messages or calls have been made. She sighed and tossed her phone to the side. Dee was waiting for her brother to talk to her. It has been 5 years. Last time she heard from him was that three years ago he got into pledis entertainment. He hasn't talked to her since. Dee knows that he already debuted. She kept up with him and his members. Dee has wondered before if Jisoo has ever talked about her. But she doubted it. “Dee come here” Her aunt screamed from the kitchen. Dee went downstairs and sat on the bar. “Yes?” “I have a question” Her aunt started. Her what looked nervous and looked into Dees brown orbs “I want to know if you want to go visit your brother in Korea. He and I were talking and he would love to see you” Her aunt rambled on. Dee looked at her aunt stunned. She could see her brother in Korea? “Aunt Jia are you sure that he wants to see me?” Jia nodded and smiled. “So yes or no Dee” Dee didn’t know what to say. Seeing him meant the world to her, but how could she leave her aunt like this? Dee didn’t follow her mind and nodded without another thought. “The plane you will take will leave on Saturday. Oh, your parents would be proud of you both” Jia squealed. Dee left her aunt and started packing. She could finally see her brother after 5 years, three after no words from him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday came faster then planned for Dee and Jia. Jia kept hugging Dee and tried her hardest not to cry her eyes out. Dee felt wrong for leaving her aunt while she watched her. Maybe she can stay instead of not going. “I can stay. Jisoo doesn't have to see me” Jia have her a pointed look. “You already said yes there is no turning back now” “Ok” Dee sighed “Just promise me to keep me updated. I don't want you to pull a Jisoo on me young lady” Jia said softly. Dee nodded and looked at her aunt. Jia brushed her hand along Dees hair and then grabbed onto Dees shoulders. “I'm gonna miss my little girl” Jia said. To her Dee was her daughter. “I'll miss you too” Dee gave her a hug and went to board the plane a little earlier than need be But she couldn't stand there since it might turn into a crying fest. Dee for onto the plane and put earphones in and listened to music. She closed her eyes and let herself doze off into sleep. “Miss time to wake up, we are in Korea” Dee felt a hand on her arm. The hand was giving slight shakes to her. Dee opened her eyes and saw one of the riders who sat next to her. Dee thanked the women and left the plane to grab her luggage. She saw the signs were in Korean and heard the language. Dee could finally talk in Korean again. She went to the pickup and grabbed her bags. She turned and walked to find someone with a sign that has her name on it. “HONG DEE!” Dee turned around to see who yelled it. She walked closer to the guy who had the sign with her name on it. “That's me” The guy had sunglasses and a face mask on. Dee looked at him as if telling him to introduce himself. “Oh sorry. I’m *******” He said. Dee widened her eyes. “Really?”
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