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Introducing the Vingle Cosplay Challenge!

Hey guys!! Since a few people said they would be interested in this challenge, I decided to go ahead and get it started! There will be 10 total questions. You should answer one question per day, but if you're late you can always do more than one ^-^

Let's get into the questions!

*NOTE: If, for any reason, you cannot answer the questions because you haven't cosplayed much, feel free to answer them hypothetically or in regards to your future plans!!*
Day 1: Your first cosplay?
How did you get started cosplaying? Or, what will be your first cosplay if you haven't done one yet?
Day 2: A cosplayer who inspires you?
Introduce us to a cosplayer who helps you aim to do more, be more!!!
Day 3: Your current project(s)?
Whatcha working on? :)
Day 4: Your best cosplay memory?
When did you have the most fun cosplaying? Or, what was most memorable?
Day 5: Your favorite character to cosplay?
Do you have one character you love being more than any others? Who is it? If you haven't cosplayed much, who you want to cosplay often?
Day 6: Make, buy or commission?
How do you prefer to get your cosplays? No judgement zone here! I have bought, I have made my own & I have commissioned before!
Day 7: 3 characters you want to cosplay?
What are 3 characters you hope to cosplay in the future?
Day 8: Your dream cosplay?
If time & money & reality (lol) were no issue, what is your ultimate dream cosplay? Why?
Day 9: Cosplay tips for new cosplayers?
Give a tip or two to those hoping to cosplay!!!
Day 10: Why you love cosplay?
Tell us :)

I'll clip all cards into this collection!

Follow it HERE!

Let's do it!!! I'll be starting Day 1 today, July 20th & then go from there!

My first cosplay was as Spyro the dragon
@Bmondragon93 I usually do XD since i already made up the list of challenge ?s, i wont be posting the question each day just my response!! so it might be better to post your own cards after today haha
My first cosplay was Archer from Fate Stay Night. Mm for the challenge do we make posts for them, or? Lol @hikaymm
My first cosplay was Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul
@Bmondragon93 No worries!!! You can do it either way really :)
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