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A/N: Hey guys so here it is chapter 6! This chapter I decided to do only one POV. And I am sorry for the late and short update!!
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After dinner with Hoseok he dropped me off at my apartment."Will you be okay?" I nodded,"Are you going to be okay?" He nodded,"I can deal with it...I'll see you Monday for work." I nodded and waved goodbye as he drove off. When I got in my apartment I realized that nobody was home. I turned on my phone that I had turned off in case Jin calls me or even Sooyung. I am not exactly in the mood to talk to either of them. Just thinking about what had happened made my heart clench and my eyes water. I kept wiping but the more I wiped the more tears came out. With clouded eyes I looked at my phone. 20 missed calls from Jin, 10 texts from Jin, 20 voicemails from Jin, 5 missed calls from an unknown number, 1 text from Kanna, and 6 texts from Sooyung. I opened the text from Kanna:
Kanna: Sorry Sis. Kohana and I have an emergency so you'll be alone. Jun is with us and he says that he has prepared your dinner and that it's in the oven. Love you and make sure the doors are locked. Don't forget your medicine in the morning. We laid out 5 days worth already.
I smiled,"Love you too..." I then deleted all the messages and voicemails from Jin and Sooyung without reading them. I started to go numb thinking of all the things that just happened. The pain in my chest spread all over my body. Tears flooded out my eyes . My phone then started to ring causing me to jump as my ringtone roared through my empty apartment. I was scared to look at the caller ID thinking it was Jin but it was the unknown number. I took a deep breath,"He-Hello?" I heard someone sigh,"Okay good you're okay..." I recognized that voice from anywhere. Before I knew it my the pain in my heart grew and tears started to flow out more I took a deep breath hoping that my vioce doesn't waver,"Jin...wh-what do you want?" There was a long pause and I can hear Sooyung in the background,"Did she answer?" I clenched my fists just hearing her voice made me ache all over."Kurumi...Sooyung and I wants to talk to you and Hoseok...formally tell you and explain everything that's been going on." I scoffed the pain subsiding and anger taking over,"Explain? Explain what exactly? That you used me. Over something petty like getting Sooyung's attention. Making ME think that I had found my someone. Making ME believe that love is actually for me? You don't need to explain Jin. You know I was going to thank you actually. I want to thank you for showing me that I was right all along. That love is not real. That love is just an illusion that one creates to be happy...or pretend to be happy. What ever sick fucking game you two were playing please leave me out of it because I don't EVER want to see YOU or HER again..." I then immediately hung up scared of what else there was for him to say to me or vice versa.
I was crying harder than I had ever cried before I knew it I could hardly breathe. I walked to my room and just curled up in a ball at the corner. I had always done this ever since I can remember. My dad was busy with work and my mother was busy attending recitals and exhibits for Kanna and Kohana. So whenever I was sad or hurt I hid in a corner away from the world. I felt safe. I felt as if though I didn't need anybody. It was just me and my thoughts. I sat there for what felt like the longest hours of my life when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was Hoseok,"Hel--" Hoseok interrupted me with his drunken talk,"Sooyung...Why did you do this to me? Huh? Was I not good to you? When you needed money for your mother's surgery I gave it to you...huh? Why did you fuck me over?" He laughed,"Hoseok where are you?" He started sniffling,"Does it matter? Without you Sooyungs I'm just...Hoseok...I made it to the top with you by my side. I am Prince of Seoul because of you...I became the Prince of Seoul because I wanted to prove to you that I can be what you wanted me to be..." He started crying. It broke my heart to hear Hoseok crying the way he did. All day he had been trying to comfort me that I forgot that he had just lost the girl that meant everything to him. "Hoseok where are you?" He sniffled and laughed,"ABC Bar. I'll be waiting for you Sooyung. I'll show you that I am a better man than Jin." He laughed then hung up.
When I got to the bar I saw Hoseok still drinking. When I stepped in a bouncer stopped me,"I need to see ID." I sighed,"I am just here to take my friend home." He looked at me skeptical,"Okay..." I bowed and ran to Hoseok, "Hoseok...this is foolish." He smiled brushing my hair away from my face,"Sooyung you made it..." I nodded my head,"Yeah okay. Okay let's go home." He smiled as I placed his arm around me giving him support to walk. I smiled at the bouncer and he nodded. I put Hoseok in the drivers seat of his car and I started driving to his condo."Sooyung...why did you leave me was I not good enough?" It broke my heart to hear him think it was his fault. The rest of the ride was quiet I think that he was expecting a reply from me thinking I was Sooyung.
When we arrived at his apartment's parking lot I carried him all the way to his apartment door,"Hoseok what's the pin for your apartment?" He then enters the numbers himself and I walked him to his room. "Hoseok get some rest okay I'll call you tomorrow in the morning." When I started to leave he sat up and grabbed my wrist and pulled me in. "I love you Sooyung..." He then pulled me in and kissed me. I tried to pull away but he kept his grip on me and even deepened the kiss. It took all I had to pull away and I slapped him.

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