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*This card is part of the Vingle Cosplay Challenge!*
I've actually shared this ~dark past~ before, but I'm ready to share it again!!! I'm actually going to share my first three cosplays, as they were all done within about four months of each other and planned at the same time!! These cosplays are from 8+ years ago....so be kind :P

#1: Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied, version 1

I basically made this cosplay? I made the hat, dyed the skirt & turtleneck, and sewed the ruffles onto the skirt & shirt! My only real regret with this outfit was that wig. Oh it's so shiny.....lol. I'm glad I've learned about buying better wigs!!!

#2: Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied, version 2

Another version of Lucy! This was pretty easy to put together just buying the items. I made the horn/ears out of molding clay.

#3: Selphie from Final Fantasy 8

Ahhh, selphie. My favorite disaster. I know it looks fine but this is the first cosplay I attempted to sew from scratch and it was honestly a total disaster! The charm I used on the zipper was way too heavy so it kept unzipping itself, and the pockets on the back were WAY TOO TINY because I was dumb and didn't measure them at all, lol. Also, I should have bought a wig XD
I plan to remake this cosplay at the end of this year, so wish me luck!
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those look really good
@LadyLuna ahhh thank you ;__;
Awesome!!! Way better than I could have done!!! 馃槃
Ahh! sugoi!! You look fantastic 馃槃