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Chinas cosmo magazine 23rd anniversary issue features none other than our handsome Got7 member Jackson Wang !
Wangs popularity came in for china just like he came in for a lot of us.. like a beautiful, delicious, succulent, marvelous.. wait what are we talking about? oh yeah... ray.. ray of sunshine!
official(quality) pictures not released as of yet! we just have to get this magazine for sure!
Jackson in his original form: silly Jackson
his face is just so manly!!! I love it!! plus is that a controller? is that what he's using to control us!!!

sexy jackson !

I can't even talk about this... I have always had a thing for guys with glasses so.. yeahh...
mr.friendly with the staff of cosmo =) I love seeing him and all the love he gets from people, he deserves this and more! this issue will be for sure one of the most popular in china yet! #fighting! (please note some pics are edited by me as they have been used in other social media)