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Don't you just hate this happens
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They both had good & bad points in the plot. What I like is the continuity from one towards two and that they did not simply remake the same story lines. The music was fresh for both and I would love to see #3!!!!
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@ladysira really u think so i think dream high 1 was perfect lols :-p
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Yeah Dream High 1 was way better than Dream High 2 ;D . But Dream High 2 starts to get better in Ep 7, so i guess yeah yeah
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I actually prefer dream high 2!! I love suzy and taecyeon but I hated their characters!! Plus as much annoying her character is Kang so ra, she is a talented actress!!
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Well, you see, everyone has their own oppinions. :) Dream High 2 is alright i guess, it ended weirdly though lol. but yeah. It's alright. But I reckon Dream High 1 had made me effectively touch. It's just, they acting were soo good.
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