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Because one of our incredible awesome Funny community members decided to take over the caption contest for me, I've decided that it is time for a brand new weekly game - Is This Funny!

Basically, I'll show you a YouTube that's been going viral this week, and ask you guys to tell me if it's FUNNY or NOT FUNNY.

This viral video, shot in Thailand, shows one brave cat dodging traffic while clutching onto the back of his scooter-driving owner.

Do you think this video is FUNNY or NOT FUNNY?

Watch the clip and then let me know in the comments below!
The video has been removed by the user.
as long as it doesn't hurt the cat, I'm very sensitive to things like that
@merryjayne13 yes, it's funny if it doesn't hurt the cat.
greatest thing ever
awww... funny cuteeee! I want that cat. when I had a cat before, I tried to bring her to sit beside me in the car, but she started to scream. failed. lol
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