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I've been tagged in this challenge by @Helixx So here are my answers!

1. How did you get into BTOB?

I was on YouTube watching a video, that I wasn't very interested in. I decided to look at the 'recommended videos' section. The first video showed 'Insane' by BTOB. I clicked on it and BAM! I got into them!

2. Who is your BTOB Bias?

Ah... Now that I think about it, I don't think I have a bias. I love all of them too much to be able to choose just one member. In A bag full of free different chocolates, why choose one when you can have them all?

3. How long have you been on vingle?

A year and 8 days! (July 11)

4. What is your favorite BTOB song or era?

My favorite Era would be Remember that. However, my favorite song would be either Irresistible Lips or Its Okay!

5. Who are your UB?


6. Who is your Bias group?

Uhh... WINNERBTSEXOBTOBGOT7 You know.. they're great!

7. How long have you been a melody?

About 1 or 2 years. I got into them around October 2014.

8. Do you have a BTOB member favorite hair style?

Sungjae's orange hair!

9. Have you posted a BTOB Card before?

Yes ma'am!

10. Five Random facts about myself!

I am very laid back. Yeah, there are times when I come on here to rant about a topic that bothers me, but once that's over, it's completely forgotten by me. I am naturally a happy person, and sometimes it takes a lot for me to get mad. I am a feminist. Lately everyone seems to have forgotten what feminism is. It's not blaming men, it's wanting equal rights for everyone regardless of gender. Guys hurt, girls hurt. Guys can be ballerinas, girls can be construction workers. DO NOT Compare me to those that say they're feminists, yet they downgrade men. Cause that's not who I am. Men are great, and woman are great. I have a wild imagination. Well at least I think I do. Most people would just call me crazy haha! I love discovering new groups! New groups, New music! It's what makes me happy! I have a very vivid mind. When I dream, if my body comes in contact with something, it's like I can physically feel it. My mind can read something and automatically, I become the character. This is good at times, but I tend to have more nightmares sometimes.
I'm a feminist too! Lovely card Michelle.
@Helixx Thank you!