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So, you guys I started watching a new Taiwanese show called Prince of Wolfs. It's about a 5 year old boy who gets lost while on vacation with his family. While he was wandering around in the deep woods, he accidentally saved a female wolf from harm. The Wolf King decides to take Zhe Ming into the wolf tribe. Living among the wolves, Zhe Ming learns to hunt and survive in the wild without forgetting his human traits. Mi Mi (Amber An) is an amateur photographer who decides to go to Wolf Mountain to take pictures of the breathtaking landscape. When Mi Mi falls into a valley, Zhe Ming saves her and takes her back to his cave. Fascinated by the first woman he has encountered, Zhe Ming is convinced that Mi Mi is his female wolf mate and is mesmerized by her. Zhe Ming decides to leave his wolf life behind to follow Mi Mi back into the human world (Took the summary from Wiki ._. ). Anyway, it's barley on its 3rd episode and it's good. I encourage you guys to watch it. @cindystran I'm not sure who else to tag so you can go ahead and tag them if you want! :)
@pharmgirlerin I waited around 6 months to watch another kdrama after I watched my first one. And I don't know why I waited that longπŸ˜•
I thought that the first episode was very weird but don't let the first episode fool you, the drama gets better. I am loving it!
@Aripendragon I think I might start it today. I keep hearing good stuff about this drama.
I do that a lot actually. At one moment I'm into watching dramas but at another I tend to wait at least 6 months or so to watch another. I guess I like to reflect on my life during that time :/ I'm not sure. @Mavis2478
I love this drama so much right now and bii's songs always slay me. but the chemistry between the two leads has me anticipating their love story so much. I love it
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