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This is what happens when you have superpowers and just the right amount of social anxiety.

What's something awkward that you remember doing recently?

A few days ago, the owner of this cafe I usually go to asked me how Yumi was doing. (I don't know a Yumi, but he knows that we share the same mutual friend, so he assumed we know each other too.) The cafe owner is super good-looking, and whenever we talk, I get incredibly shy, and my words just sort of spill out like teenage girl word vomit.
Me: "Yumi? Oh, uh, I don't know that guy."
Cafe Owner: "Yumi's a girl."
Me: "Oh." [Insert the sound of crickets chirping here.]
The next day, I actually ended up meeting Yumi for the first time. We took a selfie together, and she shared it on her Instagram, and the cafe owner was one of the first people to like it with a big "Oh, hey! It's Dani!" (Note: I know that this shouldn't have made me feel that much more shy, but it did. Because I'm awkward. The end.)
Basically, everything I do is awkward, from introducing myself, to shopping at Walmart (I've got sum stories to tell about that place, whoo boy) to simply taking out the trash ( again, I've got some stories) When will I grow out of this awkward phase?!
oh no... I'm that guy who loves watching his friends squirm and teasing them after... sorry... I really am an asshole
@RobertMarsh You'd better mean Superman lol. No one needs to see my public displays of awkward.
@RobertMarsh you and me both hahaha
me at Olive garden order food eat then when time to pay come realized my dumb ass left my wallet in the car and have a waitress follow me to my car like I was gonna run or something
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