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This is what happens when you have superpowers and just the right amount of social anxiety.

What's something awkward that you remember doing recently?

A few days ago, the owner of this cafe I usually go to asked me how Yumi was doing. (I don't know a Yumi, but he knows that we share the same mutual friend, so he assumed we know each other too.) The cafe owner is super good-looking, and whenever we talk, I get incredibly shy, and my words just sort of spill out like teenage girl word vomit.
Me: "Yumi? Oh, uh, I don't know that guy."
Cafe Owner: "Yumi's a girl."
Me: "Oh." [Insert the sound of crickets chirping here.]
The next day, I actually ended up meeting Yumi for the first time. We took a selfie together, and she shared it on her Instagram, and the cafe owner was one of the first people to like it with a big "Oh, hey! It's Dani!" (Note: I know that this shouldn't have made me feel that much more shy, but it did. Because I'm awkward. The end.)
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Basically, everything I do is awkward, from introducing myself, to shopping at Walmart (I've got sum stories to tell about that place, whoo boy) to simply taking out the trash ( again, I've got some stories) When will I grow out of this awkward phase?!
@RobertMarsh you and me both hahaha
@danidee AWWWWW p.s. you're so cute dani
I'm awkward when it comes to my managers. we have a protocol when the power goes out and the manager is shooting orders and everyone's scrambling, and I'm just like *...* just walkin slowly to the manager. she turns to me and all I can sat is *manager looks at me* Me:...yo manager: sup *she is a little peeved* Me: I, uh...what do you want me to do*even though I already know what to do, kinda* she sends me to run returns and I just do what she asks, being awkward like I normally am with authority...:/
your stories are the best @danidee they always make me smile lmao!