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When I first saw ruby who played Stella carlin (orange is the new black ) I ask my boyfriend : hey..does she look like Levi...? My boyfriend said: ehh??? What makes you said that ? Me : ..well her hair it kinda like Levi and her eyes and her eyebrows..... My boyfriend: her eyes are not blue or whatever his eyes color is... Me : I didn't mean her eyes color Baka (¬_¬) My boyfriend: .....go to sleep you spoiled brat you watch to much anime (¬_¬)
I'm losing my mind (T_T)
@Mikazuki1 @AlexAckerman @YumiMiyazaki What do you guys think? Does she kinda looks like him ? Lol (comment)
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@LemonLassie There's a definite resemblance. I love her.
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@JiyongLeo me too!!! She could be him if she tried
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a teeny bit
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there the same person...
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oh my the resemblance
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