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Hello lovely readers!!! I'm back with another chapter... If you missed the last update by @SweetDuella Then click here and enjoy her nice long chapter.
“Remember rule one, no fangirling” Jenni said holding up a finger, “And no asking inappropriate questions!” She held up a second finger. “I know but he said no fangirling in front of them, they are down the hall and I’m not on the clock yet.” “True” Jenni said trying to keep a straight face. Sarah turned around and waved at them with a big smile on her face. Once they waved back she turned back to Jenni. She did a happy dance in a circle and squealed then ran the opposite way of Got7. “Oh my gosh they are really here! GOT7!!!” Then she turned and ran back and stopped next to Jenni who was trying to hold in her laughs. “You better now?” “Yup we are good to go!” “And you do realize they all just saw that?” Jenni said pointing to them which made Sarah look and they were all laughing. “Crap. Well I didn’t think about it, I was a calm fan with them at the concert.” “You were trying to get them here and it worked, now let’s try not to scare them away.” Jenni said pushing Sarah towards the studio so they could get ready. “Hold on I have to make a call.” Sarah took off back down the hall. “Sarah you got 10minutes where are you going” Julia said chasing after her. “Give me 2 minutes and I’ll be back.” “Fine. Don’t be late.” Sarah ran outside and made her phone call and then came back in with a smile on her face. “What did you do?” Jenni asked “Nothing…. Well nothing bad.” They started getting situated making sure they had enough seats for everyone and then boss man came in. “Alright I am going over the rules one more time.” “I already fangirled in the hall so I promise it won’t happen in here.” Sarah quickly said “Good and no inappropriate topics.” “Understood.” They both said “Also one more thing. There is something going on with GOT7 in LA, We are not to talk about that topic.” “What! Why?” Sarah asked “Did you want to ask them about it?” Jenni asked “Well not really, But I did want to touch base with it. Can I please say my peace about it and that’s it?” she asked the boss. “No. This isn’t just from me this is from there manager as well as their boss.” “Please I promise I won’t even say anything about it, I just need to do one thing and then that’s it.” “If I think it is something bad, don’t think I won’t hesitate to pull you out of here. If I do that then you are out of here for any idol chats forever.” “Ok! Nothing bad I don’t want to lose out on these kinds of things.” Sarah bowed “Thank you!” “Alright now we are about to start so get in your spots.” He said as he walked out. “Wow he really means business about this.” “Well that was a big deal, so I totally understand not talking about it.” Sarah’s phone dinged. “Crap I have to go meet tae real quick.” “Sarah we are about to start.” “I will have him start coming up here” she quickly text him. “Why is he here?” Jenni asked “I asked him to go buy me something and bring them here since I knew he would.” “What’s that?” “Oh you will see!” Sarah smirked and headed for the door. “Wait Sarah we start in 1 min.” “I’ll be back before we start.” She took off out the door and quickly found tae and thanked him for bringing the items and gave him a quick hug and money for the purchase and ran back. She made it just in time as Jenni finished up introducing them.
“So we have some special guest today! Diamond do you want to do the honors?” “Why I would love to. Today’s Guest is GOT7! My weird idea of giving them my business card worked!” Sarah said excitedly. The guys walked in and Mark and Jackson sat next to Jenni while Yugyeom and Bambam sat next to Sarah. “Hello boys” Sarah said smiling like an idiot. “Hello Ruby and Diamond thanks for having us on your show.” JB said “No thank you for coming” Jenni said “Ok so before we jump into things there is one thing I need to say and do.” Sarah looked out the window to her boss; hopefully he didn’t think this was bad. She looked at Jenni and then took a deep breath. “Diamond?” Jenni asked “Don’t worry Ruby. Bambam I know you are having a hard time with recent events” She said glancing at Bambam “And same with you Yugyeom.” She glanced at Yugyeom “but I want you both to know that it’s ok. Things happen and we learn from them. So don’t get discouraged. Ok?” she said and she quickly gave Yugyeom a hug and then went to Bambam. She whispered in Bambams ear so no one else could hear. “If you want Noona to kick someone’s ass you tell me and ill hunt them down.” This caused him to laugh as they pulled apart from hugging. “What’s so funny?” Jenni asked “She’s just very sweet.” Bambam said ruffling Sarah’s hair. “”Hey!” she said laughing and fixing her hair. “Ok… now let’s get this party started.” Jenni was eager to get it going. “No wait I have one more thing.” “Oh who did you forget?” “Mark. I know you are getting stuff as well.” Sarah quickly got up and walked over to him and hugged him. “You be strong as well, you all will get through this hard time.” She quickly went back to her seat. “Ok are you done now?” Jenni said with a head tilt and her eyebrows raised. “Yup go ahead.” “OK now if you all would like to introduce yourselves for the listeners.” After a quick intro from each guy, Jenni was ready to give questions. “Earlier today we were talking about animals. What do you think is better Panda or Tigers.” “Ruby seriously still on this? We all know we think pandas are what people want to pick but in a battle between the two a tiger would win.” “I’m just curious as to what each member likes.” “Tiger!” Jackson quickly said “because I’m Wild and Sexy” He added “Tigers are sexy?” Jenni asked “Yes they are!” Sarah interjected. “High five Jackson your on team Tiger” she held her hand up for him to high five. “I’ll go with Panda” Mark said “Yes thank you!” Jenni said with a smile. “Oh Ruby got Mark on her team.” Sarah said teasing her. “Shut up Diamond.” “Ok, Young jae what is your pick?” Sarah said quickly “Panda.” “Tiger for me” JB said “Same here” Junior said. “Oh this is hard, I want to go with Tiger but I’m going to have to go with Panda” Bambam said and Jenni and Sarah turned to Yugyeom. “Do I have to pick?” “Yes, Yes you do” Both the girls said. “Tigda” he said “What?” Sarah said confused “Paner” he said again “Oh now he’s just combined the two.” “It’s the best animal it’s a combo of the two.” He said smiling and straightening up. “Ruby?” “Yea Diamond?” “Can we accept that answer?” “Honestly I want to since he was creative on it.” “Ok then Yugyeom you are safe.” Sarah patted his back. “Oh and speaking of Animals, I hear you guys have a dog.” Jenni said “Yes! Coco is the best dog every” Youngjae said happily “I’ve seen pictures, Makes me want a dog” Sarah said “Oh don’t even think about it Diamond.” “What?” “We are not getting a dog for our place.” “Dangit I was going to sneakily ask about it and then just bring one home.” “Yea no, you will be murdered in your sleep.” “Ruby!” “I love dogs too but we work too much to let the puppy be left at home all day alone.” “True….maybe someday.” “Alright lets listen to some music and when we come back well have some fun with GOT7” Jenni said into the mic and then hit play. ‘Mr. Taxi’ by girl’s generation started playing. “Seriously thanks for coming on the show; we didn’t think you would really come with the way we did it.” Jenni said “It was different” Jb smiled “Would you guys like to go out after this for food? This Noona wants to pay for you guys.” Sarah said with a smile. “She just had to sneak that in; you want to feed them don’t you?” Jenni said with a giggle. “Maaybe.” She did a toothy smile “What do you guy’s think?” Jb asked the group and then a course of Yes! Rang through the room. “Awesome!” Both the girls said. “Welcome back, we still have GOT7 here we haven’t scared them off yet.” Sarah said “Although it’s just started, let’s hope we don’t scare them off by the end of the show.” Jenni added “So I know you guys have had a stressful time, and I thought of something that would be perfect to relieve some stress, I know Ruby and I need to do this as well.” “What do you have?” Junior asked intrigued. Sarah grabbed the bag she had tae bring and pulled out something and made it squeak. She held it up. “Oh my gosh give me!” Jenni said holding her hands out trying to get Sarah to give her one fast. Sarah handed her one and then Jenni squeaked hers. Then Sarah squeaked back they did this a few times and then started laughing. “Here you guys will so enjoy it” Sarah said handing out the squeaky toys. As each guy got one they squeaked it and then for a good 2 minutes there was just squeaking and laughing. “See I told you this was a great stress reliever” Sarah said setting hers down. “I can’t believe you actually had your best friend go out and get these just for GOT7.” Jenni said “Yea he was a little upset that he couldn’t come in and be a part of it.” “I bet he is still upset.” “It’s ok ill buy him one and we can do this at his place.” Sarah and Jenni laughed. “Alright we are going to take one more break and then when we come back we are going to start asking GOT7 questions. IF you have any questions you want asked call on in so we can get you those answers.” Jenni quickly said. She was good at keeping them on task and not all over the place even though both girls would often get off topic and end up back on it an hour later. The music started to play. They all then talked a little but Sarah and Jenni tried not to ask any questions so that they could ask them all on the air.

Just like what Jenni asked on the last chapter. What are some questions that you would like Ruby and Diamond to ask Got7??? Also if you want to be a caller who asks a question let us know, you can use your real name or come up with a fake one.

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Ohh how about a game?! Hmmm...let's see, a telepathy game to see who matches better with the Noonas! Have the guys play with Diamond and Ruby and see who can match answers. Like have them pick between strawberry milk and banana milk ...On the count of 3 they both yell the answers and see if the match! Could be fun!😆 You could keep it mostly clean but could throw slightly naughty ones for laughs hehe😉
Not sure any of my questions would be worthwhile. They mostly involve if they would date a noona; what kind of women they like; what they do for fun; and why is there less skinship on the US tours than there is when performing in Korea? Sorry I couldn't think of any more... Loving this story btw, in case you couldn't tell. 😁
Omg squeaker fights! 😂 you know those plush toys aren't just for dogs, there for humans too!!! Tae, I can't believe you chose him to get them, he must be so jealous he can't join in the fun. and I sure he doesn't know who gets to enjoy squeaker fight. oh I love this part!
I'm gonna have to get my research on for this interview 😆 oh such a shame.😂 lol there's lots of good questions and ideas. I wanna play games with them! can we Sarah can we????
@SweetDuella so many good questions I like that got7 on the show will be a nice long one....
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