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Hey y'all! Here's another Screenshot Game! ;) I know I haven't been on as much and I'm sorry about that. I ended up sick yesterday so I haven't been in a mood to post anything. I am taking meds to get better but I really wanted to post at least something so I decided on a SSG. This Screenshot Game is made by K.Gurl on Amino App. The only thing I changed is the group. Also, I will get through my notifications maybe tomorrow depends on how I'm feeling since I have about 100+ :O I hope you enjoy this Game ^-^

Other ScreenShot Games:

Link: ©To 'K.Gurl' on Amino App ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Detail of Storyline: You enjoy your time at the amusement park with Vixx!
He calls you and says he's on his way to pick you up. He wants to go to the amusement park with you!
At the entrance, you meet this guy. He wants to join you two as he is by himself. 'make sure is not same as top guy'
Inside, you end up meeting the rest of the members at this game.
All of you decide to play the game together. This member wins and lets you choose the prize. He gives you the prize.
This member goes off to buy a snack
He comes back with this snack and offers you some. You accept because it looks so good. To your surprise, he starts feeding you.
This member gets jealous and drags you to go off with him. 'make sure is not the guy who went for snack & fed you'
You two go on this ride.
Afterwards, the rest of the members find you two. You guys see a surprise performance from this group.
At the end, you all watch the fireworks. This member whispers in your ear that he wants to take you here as his girlfriend next time.
After much debate, this member gets to brings you home. He hugs you from behind as you start to go inside. He tells you he had fun today.

Thunder Squad!:

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@TaehyungV THANK YOU!!!! 💕
@KellyOConnor Thank You! 💕 And glad to know I could help ^-^
@Chace Thank You! 💕 Lol poor Ravi and yay happy to hear that! ^-^
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