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Hi guys I just wanna say that I have changed my username I used to be @TiffanyBibian but now I'm MissMinYoongi so if you wanna tag me in things then you will have add me in your tag list hopefully this doesn't cause any problems & I wanna post a one shot but I don't know if people will read haha anyways good night or good morning to you guys ☺️😊💞✨ Tell me if you wanna be added or remove from my tag list ^.^ Tagging my family ^_^: @tayunnie @JinsPrincess86 @Jaeahyehx @thepinkprincess @AmandaHume @EverieMisfit @Mikim000 @MadAndrea @TravisCarle @AlyMaldonado @Inaswinney @VixenViVi @EXOasf @EmilyGarder @Roxy1903 @Sarahdarwish @ChelseaJay @Faelidora @LizaNightShade @Lexxcisco @Deenice @Meeshell @CelesteyC @ARMYstarlight @Minimonkey07 @Externallgeli @Marisamusic @Aristas @exokpop12385 @Xionheart @Bubblebella @kpopfanboy @Laurenstrayhorn @AndreaHamilton @LilmcGriddle18 @AlmaRangle @CreeTheOtaku @Jennelleorozco @Kpopfangirl15 @Tigerlily84 @Lextay327 @solodaywithB1A4 @Princess2328 @CarolPantoja @luna1171 @AimeeH @Sherrysabar @CrystalGuerra @AristaJ @Ciabri22 @JuanitaBooRiv @KyKy97 @RuthRodriguez98 @Otakupopfan @SierraBecerra @ninjamidori @yaya12 @shelbiisonfire @princessunicorn
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I would love to read your oneshot! Tag me in if you post it! Also, I will make sure to change your name on my lists! 😉😄
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