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Hello everyone! I want to make sure that I'm tagging only those who want to be tagged. If you aren't in my list yet, please feel free to comment below which list you want to be tagged for.
There are two tag lists. One is the official UP10TION Community Tag list called Honey10 Crew. I will be making the tag list with the help of @MichelleIbarra! The other is my regular tag list called the KD tag list. I'm a relatively new member here at vingle so I currently don't have many cards out, however, I will post about these groups in the near future: -BTS -Monsta X -Up10tion -Astro -Got7 -Block B And possibly more... If you would like to be tagged in any of the lists, or even both, please say so in the comments below! Thank you! XD 《HONEY10 MOD SQUAD》 @JinsPrincess86 @MichelleIbarra 《HONEY10 CREW》 @VatcheeAfandi99 @SimplyAwkward @sugakookies95 @micahirene @Kpossible4250 @kimnam94 @ChandraTorres @lmoee @VKookie47 @TaehyungV @amethystiperez @ChandraTorres KD Tag List @7mnsaaa94 @elainarenea @JaeLayJooWonho @swarrier16 @amethystiperez @ChandraTorres @VKookie47 @kimnam94
Tag Me in your regular tag list
@Kdragons137 No, I would like to stay on Honey10 Crew tag listing please. The person I think you're talking about, put me on there, so I could learn more about the group, which I kind of want. And if you're cards are about the group, I could really use the help!
Keep me tagged in everything!👌🏼
@TaehyungV Oh okay. I'm sorry for any confusion. Would you like to be tagged in my regular tag list instead?
@Kdragons137 No, it's fine!! I was just wondering why, since I hardly know the group! But I think I know why I was tagged, if the person you got the list from, is the same person I'm thinking of.
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