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Intertwined *VIXX FANFIC* Introduction


So I've been scrolling through Vingle and have seen many posted fanfics that are pretty darn good. Lately I've been creating a story of my own and I thought that I might as well share it with you guys! You can find the full story on Wattpad but just a heads up that I haven't published it yet! *woops* Hopefully you guys will enjoy a little piece of what I've written so far and I'd most definitely love your feedback! username: DreamFighters story: Intertwined profile link: If you'd like to be added or removed from the list just comment below!
It kept a firm grip and continued to drag me farther from docks until I could no longer see the seafloor. There wasn't a moments worth of gasping for air when I was pulled under and the slam of the thick water took what was left of it. The salt stung my eyes forcing me to squeeze the shut, the tears that formed intermixed with the sea water. Perhaps this was where the ocean got its saltiness: the tears of its victims swelled and filled what might once had been fresh waters. My throat burned and grew dry and itchy, screaming for oxygen. It must have been a few minutes because suddenly my head grew foggy and light. The intense beating of my heart that had drummed in my ears began to slowly fade. Is this how I'm going to die? A prick of my neck jolted a weak, muffled scream from me. Oxygen bubbles floated from my lips to the surface that looked far above. Grey and white sheets covered the skies above slowly swallowing the sun and darkening the waters.
Small clouds of red liquid danced around me. Blood. I was practically useless. I'm not some legendary creature or monster that had great strength or power. I was just a regular person with the useless power of communication. All talk but no action... Wait.... Communication.... I forced my eyes open to look above and I sent out what I could. HELP ME! I'VE BEEN DRAGGED UNDER WATER FROM MIROPAI BAY BY AN UNKOWN BEING! PLEASE IF THERE'S ANYONE OUT THERE HELP ME.. Help me.......... help - I watched the last word fly above before everything went dark.
Blurry images flashed for seconds and disappeared, showing a new scene each time: A bright light shined from up high highlighting a tall, distorted figure growing bigger in size. Shadows sharply spread far out from both sides of the figure and pulled in as quickly as they appeared. A loud splashing sound boomed everywhere. What's going on? The dark figure grew light colors as it continued to grow bigger and bigger. Arms snaked around my waist and under my knees and I felt my body being pulled up. Am I not dead? Who is this person? Where did the creature go?
Before another question surfaced, my body was thrown against the hard gravel. I coughed out the stored water from the lungs, witnessing the water splat in all directions and stream down my cheeks. Oh thank God I'm alive! A deep voice rung at my ears. "Are you okay? Are you alright? Oh lord please be awake!" The voice spoke from my right ear to in front of me. Weight pushed against my stomach and chest, suffocating me. My eyes fluttered open to find a shirtless Asian man hovering on top of me. His dark eyes sparkled with concern and fright.  Who is this guy? He continued to blabber on and on but the words he spoke didn't fit the movement of his lips. How is he doing that? I thought. Then it hit me. His hand caressed my head, pulling a thick strand of hair from my face. I slapped his hand away and crawled from under him. "Woah woah woah woah take it easy there creeper boy!" I blurted. "Where's the shirt?!" He tilted his head and his face scrunched in confusion. "Your chest!" I pointed. He raised a brow and looked down at his soaked body. "I do not understand what you are saying." His words mismatched his lip movement again. "HOW CAN YOU- all of this!!!" I wildly motioned  my hands around my chest and torso. In all honesty, it was really hard not to stare at his. There was an unprecedented attraction that he radiated and managed to snatch my full attention; his abs were defined just enough, not to be fully rock-hard but not weak either. Deep down I wanted to reach over and trace my finger down his chest to feel the definition. Is it real? His arms were just as toned....I wonder what he'd looked like in boxers...are his legs just as muscular?
"They're glowing." He mumbled. I snapped back to reality. My eyes pulled up to his face to find him staring at something uncomfortably. I trailed his gaze which lead to my chest. My soaked white t-shirt showed my black bra and highlighted the shape of my breasts in full display. My arms flew up and I tried to cover my girls up as best as I could- key word, TRIED. "YOU SICK PERV" I shouted, "My eyes are up here!" His gaze didn't shift a bit. He sat still momentarily before he reached forward to my chest in curiosity. "NO!" I slapped his hand away. "DON'T TOUCH ME THERE YOU SICK FREAK!" He furrowed his brows, gave me a frown and reached again. "HEY! THIS IS SEXUAL ASSAULT!" I started to crawl further back but he took a hold of my wrist and thrust me towards him. His free hand placed itself at the center of my chest and a bright light exploded blowing wind at the both of us. I froze, flabbergasted to what just happened. What did he do to me?
He must've been just as lost because his facial expression froze in shock and embarrassment. His wide eyes still glued to my breasts. I pushed his hand from my chest and brushed myself before covering myself again. "What did you do to me?" "I- I don't know. " He responded back. His face sunk into further disbelief as he covered his mouth with both hands. He looked at me with even wider eyes.  "Hello-" He covered his mouth once more. His words finally corresponded with his lip movement. "I can understand you!" He exclaimed. "I can understand me!" "What?" "This is a whole new language!" He squeaked. "English!"
A pair of white, feathery wings cut away and spread widely from his back with a loud FLAP Sound. The sudden explosion caught me off guard and shook me scared. I gasped as I had lost my balance and fell for the water again. Before I made any sort of contact, the guy caught me and held me against him. A sudden feeling of warmth and safetly washed over me and I started to melt against the man's bare chest as his arms tightened around me. I feel secured and untouchable. "Don't worry Mani, you're safe with me." His deep voice whispered next to my ear. I tensed at the sound of my name and pulled away from the embrace. I gave him the best glare I could manage and questioned him. "How you you know my name?" I scanned his features and mentally took note. Deep black hair, sharp v-shaped jaw, a long face and pouty lips. His shoulders were broad and defined, nearly silky, light skin. His long torso was defined well and his legs looked just as muscular. He had a youthful appearance but still looked older than me by a few years. Overall, he wasn't a bad looking guy. "My name is Ravi and I am your guardian angel." He introduced. I gave him a funny look, "Guardian Angel?" I snorted. "Yes." "There's no such thi-" His sharp gaze cut me short. "In a world like this, sure there is!" I opened my mouth to protest but he had a point and the hard evidence sat afront crystal clear. I sighed. How?! I thought. "Oh you'll be surprised sweetheart." He winked. My eyes widened. How did he know what I thought?! Immediately I thought back to my reaction when I first noticed his bare chest-THE NAUGHTY THOUGHTS, THE HORMONES!! I prayed he didn't catch that. "Before I didn't have a clue, but now..." He clicked his tongue "You dirty minded girl." My jaw dropped. He heard that too.. "HEY YOU WERE THE ONE WHO HAD YOUR EYES GLUED TO MY BOOBS AND REACHED TO TOUCHED THEM!" I shouted back in defense. "As I said before, they were glowing." His hands shot up. "Perv." I mumbled. "Mani, I'm an Angel, no sins committed." Ravi said, "Here, here, and definitely not there." Pointing to his head, chest and lower region. I slit my eyes and glared at him. He sure has some nerve...
Just gotta say that this is a glimpse of my story so if it doesn't make sense I understand! Besides that hopefully you liked the preview and if you guys do, I'll post more in the future!!



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