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(Help me choose! first one or second one?) Introduction to the series here. Please follow the collection here! Namjoon's Prologue here. Jimin's Prologue here.
He seemed like a daredevil in the eyes of many; the fearless and strongest in his group. Even people older than him, were scared to get hit or get told of by him as he usually did it with a smile. He had it all, looks, fame, money. Only thing they didn't know is that he was nothing as they portrayed him. He has never snuck out, never gotten into a fight, never vandalized anything, never even kissed a girl. Everything he was, was only what people wanted to see. HyoMin was never the good kid in school. Her grades however, went through the roof. She was smart, but never attended class. She was the type of girl your parents would tell you to stay alert about. Sneaking out and getting revenge on those who hurt her or the ones she loved was what she lived for. She has a big heart, but not many could see it. All they saw was trouble maker. A girl without a future simply because she thought differently than them. She's not what she's portrayed to be. On the first night, when a few of the BTS members visit their manager's home they meet. She's sneaking out again, and he just got up to drink water. Will they finally see each other as who they are, or what they're portrayed to be?
I like the first one
first one
I like the first one and this story sounds so good already!
Tag me please
I like the second one 😊
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