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I was having the best dream ever Chris Brown was about to propose only to be interrupted by a knock on my door.What do they want!? I got out of bed going to my door opening it seeing Romeo and Amerie with the nephews(2.Rome is left and Angel is right)and niece.Damn it.Im babysitting. "Hello Baby Sis.Can you babysit and tonight you can go out and do whatever with the guys."Amerie said. "Fine." "Thank you oh and happy Christmas Eve."Romeo said handing me Faith. "Oh here's our room keys of you need to grab any of the kids things." "Ok.have fun." "Thank you again." Yeah yeah yeah. "Welcome." I brought them into my room and sat on my bed. "Watch Faith while I take a quick shower."I said to the twins. "Yes Auntie."Said Rome. I was about to go into the bathroom for someone to knock again. You serious!? I opened it to see Jay. "You wanna walk with Simon Gray and I?" "I would love to but I'm baby sitting." "I'll help." "You sure?" "Yeah.I'll just text the guys." "Thank you so much.Can you watch them while I shower?" "Yeah." Jay came in sitting on the bed with the kids while I grabbed some clothes and took a quick shower. Cute enough!(3) "So while you were getting dressed and found some places we can go to."Jay said. "Ok lay it on me." "We can take them to circus circus for a little bit then watch a movie over at south point hotel and get some ice cream and come back and eat some pizza." "Sounds good.Lets go get Faiths stroller and head out." "Lead the way."
I put Faith in her stroller(2)and the boys have to walk.Their mother forgot their stroller.Way to go Amerie.Anyways I pushed the stroller out as the bus stayed by Jay's side holding his hands.We got a walk ahead of us. ~Circus Circus~ We arrived at Circus Circus and headed to the adventure dome(3).Jay paid for all of us and told him not to but he didn't listen.This kid. "Auntie lets go on the Ferris wheel!"Angel yelled pulling me. "Don't go to fast Jay,Faith,and Rome need to catch up." "They are too slow." "Ok." Angel and I got in line about to get on the red while Jay decided to watch with Faith and Rome joined us in line. I got on helping them get on a horse while I stood in the middle make sure they don't fall backwards or off. "Wave to Jay."I said as we began to pass by. "Jay!!"They both yelled waving. "Oh killin it!"Jay yelled back. He look so cute sitting their with the stroller and Faith.He looks like a daddy haha.A very hot one. As the ride ended we played some games and they found the water ride.No.I was hoping they wouldn't see that. "Let's go!" "Im not.Go with Jay.Ill stay here with Faith." "You sure."Jay asked about to walk away with the boys. "Oh yes.I am sure." I watched them go up and I was pointing to the guys so Faith could see them.I moved so I can get a better look at them come down. Jay sat in between them holding on since Rome and Angel looked terrified once the where about to go down.Its so sad but funny.once they went down Jay ducked holding them while most of the water hit the people behind them.They going to hate him for that one.As they came off the ride Jay was saying something to them and all of a sudden Faith and I get attacked by them with wet hugs.Eww. "Stop.Stop.You're wet."I said pushing them off. "Come on G.I thought you loved my hugs."Jay said trying to hug me again. "Not wet ones." "Fine.Faith wants my hugs."He said grabbing Faith and she hugged back. "Trader."I said towards Faith and she just smiled. "Let's go watch a movie."I said putting the kids coats on so we can go outside. "Alright.Lets take a taxi this time."Jay said setting Faith in her stroller.
~Jay POV~ By the time we walked out of Circus Circus the kids were all passed out.They must've been tired.I'm holding Angel and pushing Faith so Gia can just hold Rome since it's quite a walk. After like 40 minutes we made it to the hotel and everyone was still out.Simon and Jay sent me pictures of them at a club enjoying drinks.I kinda wish I was there but I really need to make it up with Gia after our kiss at the party.I feel like she doesn't like me.I mean she kinda kissed back but pretty shocked.I hope this trip can fix it. We went to her room and laid the kids on the bed but we should feed them though.Gia ordered pizza from room service.She wanted something simple. "Room service." I went and answered the door letting him bring the food in and I tipped him. "Pizza?"Rome asked rubbing his eyes. "Yep." "Angel.Pizza." "Yummy."Angel said sitting up. "Let's go wash our hands"Gia said getting the boys to the bathroom.I went with them and washed mine then we headed back giving the kids pizza. "Cartoons?"I asked picking up the remote to the TV. "Yes." I turned on cartoons and ate also.After the food was done Gia and I put on their pjs and laid them down in her bed. Gia and I shared a chair and I noticed she started falling asleep and her head was tilted over on her right shoulder so I decided to move her head on my shoulder so she won't feel too uncomfortable. She is so beautiful while she sleeps.I couldn't help myself and I kissed her forehead but I got shocked to see Amerie walk in. "Finally.I've been waiting for this to happen."She said happy and whispering not to wake anyone. "Waitin for what?"I whispered back. "You two to get together.She's had a crush on you for years." "She has?" "Yeah.You didn't know?" "No." Wow she has liked me that long?
@dayashley11 bahaha oh em gee.. "jay looks like a daddy. a hot one at that" bahaha omg that killed me lmao 😂😂😂
@JamiMilsap oh thank goodness lol I keep thinking it might be boring lol
...wait I have to read chapter 2 still. Actually now that I think about it, I'm glad I didn't get to that yesterday ... now I'l have 2 chapters to read! (Although I'm pretty sure they will kill me anyway ... but I'll let you know after I read them today! 😊😊😊)
you schedule this chapter didn't sly little.... i lime how you i prove your skills with each chapter. Plus chick needs to kiss jay again
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