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So, VIXX is in China participating in a survival program called "Heroes of Remix" which is based solely on artists performing on EDM mixes of popular songs. Well, VIXX WON THE SECOND HALF OF THE SHOW!
This was the performance which won them first place! I'm actually soo soooo proud of them because I know that they'd been struggling for a win since the beginning of the show but they've finally done it! This just shows that hard work and putting your mind to anything can help you achieve your goals and I'm so happy they proved that! ♡♡
They haven't won the entire show though! There's a voting system involved and you can vote upto fifty times a day! Go to this website and vote for the red team. That's the team VIXX is in. They're already in the lead so let's keep it going!
Here's their first performance! Personally, this is my most favourite performance cuz the song is so frigging catchy!
Here's the second one. This was a 'WOLF" concept and it blew everyone's minds!
BONUS! Here's Hyuk and Leo enjoying their OWN performance! HAHAHA EDITING FAIL xD
Thank you for putting this all together in one card. I hadn't yet gotten the chance to check Heroes of Remix out and I've really wanted to check out VIXX's performances, so thank you. They are doing an amazing job. I'm so impressed and proud of them. They really are true performers. I would also like to give a shoutout to whomever put them in those corset pants. @JiyongLeo @LemonLassie @StefaniTre @MandyNoona @AimeeH @kelseyblair
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