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I'm so stupid guys....I didn't know that my baby, Taeil was also in NCT U....Yeah.. I just found that out like two minutes ago!! NOW I'M SO HAPPY!!!! Because, when I was watching NCT LIFE, I fell in love with most of the members in NCT U, and at the time I didn't know Taeil was also in that group (you can blame The 7th Sense for that, yet I know why he wasn't in the song, so don't tell me that!), so I was so sad...BUT NOW I'M HAPPY (no not Happy from Fairy Tail..)!!! But yeah, call me stupid in the comments if you want!! XD Oh and you can thank Without You for making me notice that he was in NCT U (and now I know my bias for both NCT U and NCT 127 XD)!!!
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You are not the only one. I like Taeyong and then I decided to look up nct u and nct 127 and I saw Taeyong was in both groups. I felt really stupid after that.
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@amberg171997 No, it's just that, I didn't think he was in the group because of The 7th Sense. Since he wasn't in that, you know! And I was reading that comments, and then I got so confused!! So, kind of stupid because of that!! And I just find out he's in both, now that's really stupid!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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it took me awhile to notice Taeil to but as soon as I listen to 'without you', Taeil just stole my heart lol
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