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Monsta X part 1

As a Monbebe and a girl with her storage filled with monsta x I decided to grace your screens with the presence of a few Monsta X members.
First off some group photos cause hot dam, why the hell not. I mean just look at them
Here's a little tast of the amazingly talented rapper Jooheon! wooooo He looks so sexy eating
Wonho. This little tease of a gorgeous man is my bias. He's my little Won(hoe). He is such a cute little dork with a body to sexy for his own good.
the leader of my heart shownu! the cutest leader around with his dorky charms and sculptured muscles
hope you enjoyed the view and are excited for part 2 where I showcase the rest of the members. I do not own any of these photos. all credit to the original owners.
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