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Lee Minho (이민호)'s interview MTV JKPOP English Translation from Global Minoz facebook page: Brief translation on interview part (start from 01:44) : translated by meow video cr Hayden She MC: Hello everyone, this is VJ Evan Yo. Today in our program, we have invited a superstar to be here. This superstar started as a model then became an actor, and now he releases an album as a singer. Please welcome our superstar Lee Min Ho. LMH: Hello, this is Lee Min Ho. Nice to meet you. MC: This is the 5th time for Lee Min Ho visiting Taiwan, how do you feel about Taiwan fans? LMH: Every time when I visit Taiwan, fans welcome me enthusiastically. Also when I am in Korea, they would send me lots of encouragement through SNS. Thus I am really thankful. I am very happy to meet fans from Taiwan MC: Was there any special or impressive message you received throught twitter? LMH: I haven’t held a formal concert in Taiwan previously, this is my first concert. Many fans would post to me through SNS, hoping that I would hold a concert in Taiwan soon. I have read all of them and feel happy about that MC: From model to actor, and from actor to singer with the release of this album. What does singing mean to you? LMH: For singing… it should be the same to all of us. Because we would hear that in daily life. Further, sometimes because of the meaning of the lyrics, such as lyrics with sad emotion, the song is correlated to daily life. Therefore to me it is actually very familiar, I listen to them everyday. It should be one of my interest in life. MC: actor and MC (I think it should be singer ==), which one you like more or you are more interested in? LMH: in my situation, I started as an actor. Personally I think singing is not something I am good at, and has lots of room for improvement. I think acting is something I feel comfortable in and good at. narration: Lee Min Ho has released an album “My Everything”, showing a different side of him. Apart from singing, he also challenged dancing in his concert. Which is more difficult to him? LMH: For me… between singing and dancing, I feel more comfortable in singing. Since I feel very uneasy and shy when dancing, it’s more relax when singing. MC: You have danced the butt dance many times. If fans ask you to dance again, you still feel shy now? LMH: recently during my tour, the opening is a light beat song. Fans would naturally stand up and get high. Since we are very close, I can see that they are very happy. Though I feel shy, I think my dancing should be quite good, and find that It’s not a problem for me to sing fast-paced song MC: To you, is there any difference between live band and music tape? LMH: Since I don’t have many experience, I feel they are more or less the same. But there was a time that I can’t hear any sound from the ear mon because fans’ screaming was too loud. That’s during a live band performance. It’s connected but I can hear no sound at all. I just sing based on instinct / feeling. narration: Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo are best buddies. Heard that they always play football together, wonder if they often meet up recently? LMH: recently the schedule is very full, so we can’t meet often. Last time when we played football, we played with Kim Beom MC: apart from football, is there any other sports that you like? LMH: recently because of the new drama, I do workout, and also surfing. MC: you do that for the fans or for your own interest? LMH: It’s for the new drama (laugh) MC: Fans should pay attention. Lee Min Ho exercises to build muscle. In near future we might have a chance to see him showing off his body figure. – Fast Q&A session– MC: Your best Chinese phrase LMH: “Da Jia Hao” (Hello everyone) MC: If you have to turn into an animal, what animal you would like to be? LMH: little lion. Because it is handsome MC: If you are going to a deserted island and is allowed to bring only one thing, what would you bring? LMH: Lighter. because I can use that to set a fire. If I use my energy to drill wood for fire, I won’t have energy to search for food, so I need a lighter for setting fire MC: He is really smart! and what do you want to say to fans the most? LMH: “Wo Ai Ni” (I Love You) MC: wah… audience should have melted hearing that. LMH: Actually I am not very good at expressing myself. But after getting along with my fans for some time, I am more comfortable to express what I want to say, and would express that more actively Translation Credits to ~Admin/Anna~Facebook page of Leeminhoglobalminoz
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