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I've been in love with Sehun since I first actually watch EXO Wolf for the first time. Because of that music video was when I fall in love with EXO and started figuring out who was who. When I watch Wolf I was looking at the guys and try to remember who was who and when Sehun hair was in a rainbow was when I fell for him. I'm a girl who doesn't base her opinions on looks. I love guys personality, smiles, eyes, and behavior. Sehun has been my favorite since the start and he's still my favorite now.
So, today I'm just going to spam everyone with Sehun and I hope you guys love him like I do, but I do love all EXO but Sehun is just my favorite and he's my husband! ❤ So enjoy my spam of Sehun!
So sorry for the spam love you guys!
I love you!!!!
gotta love that sassy maknae
yes you gotta love that maknae
I love him so much!!!! And what you said about the personalitys that's so true for me. And sehun just has that sweet and powerful personality
@juliavip yes his personality is why I love him so much