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So honestly this worked out so perfectly, I couldn't have planned it better!! 😄😂😂
The person who called me and picked me up
The guy we ran into at the entrance who tagged along because he had come alone.
Ran into everyone else here
Played the games and won, then let me pick out a prize!! ❤️❤️❤️ I've always wanted that to happen!
Got me donuts as a snack and fed them to me!
Ken got jealous and dragged me off to Go Karts, it was so much fun!
We ran into everyone else at a sudden show by this group (don't kill me, idk who this is)
Ken leaned over close and told me he wanted to come back here, but this time, as a couple!! I blushed intensely!
After a bit of a fight, my beautiful Bean who brought me insisted that I was his responsibility and took me home. "I had fun, thank you again, for picking me up!" I say as I turn around. Suddenly I'm stopped by two strong, warm arms hugging me. "...I had fun too," he whispers against my back. Oh gosh, my pounding heart!!!😳😳😳
@JessWang90 thank you!!
Lol Thanx for playing! ^-^ @DianaBell And the group concert you got is Monsta X ^-^
awesome! do you have the link to play it?? :)