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Chapter 6 ************* ~LEO P.O.V~ "Mommy!!!! Daddy!!!!" The little boy cried as he chained to a wall. A person came down the basement stairs. "I thought I told you to be quiet" a man said as he slapped the boy across the face. The boy cried even harder. "You want something to cry about, well I give you something to cry about" the man said as he got a whip out and started lashing at the little boy's back. "Please stop!!" "Stop!!!" The little boy cried out as he felt the leather whip leaving wounds that stinged against the open flesh. The whipping went on until the little boy was bleeding from the lashes. He was weak and laying face down on the ground. He had a tear roll down his cheek as he stared at the wall. He had a small amount of hope. He prayed that his parents would fine him soon. Laying there, he inhaled smoke. He knew that the house was on fire. There was screams and yelling from the upstairs. "TaekWoon!!!" "TAEKWOON!!! Two figures came rushing towards the boy. Arms wrapped around boy as a hand stoked his hair. I heard the chains breaking. The boy cried as he looked at the woman, who was crying herself. A man came and knelt beside the two and wrapped his arms adound the. "Lets go home" I woke up. This was the first time in a long time since I had that dream. I wanted to pull Areum close to me but she wasn't there. I laid back onto my back and stared at the ceiling. I needed her to calm my nerves down. Where did she go? Is she alright? These thought came running through my head. Sighing, I get up from her bed and go to my room to wash up. Since I already had my clothes on the floor. I just left them there and walked naked to my room. Taking a shower didn't take long. I was dressed and heading down to the dining room.  My brothers were at the table eating in silence. I sat down with them and ate my food. It was awfully quiet in the house. I looked at HakYeon and he looked at me. His eyes told me to meet up after breakfast. I knocked on the door that led to HakYeon office. We all had one. I heard a faint come in, so I opened the door to see him at his desk. I sat down in a chair and waited for him to talk. "Areum and Nisha went to go get blood from the blood bank. Nisha's craving hasn't calm down yet." HakYeon told me. "Hmmm, so when are they coming back?" Asking him. He smiled at me as he knew something that was going on. "You really like her huh? She has a horrible past like you do. She's your mate. I'm glad you found somebody." He said and I knew he was right. There was a knock on the door. The door opened and showed Nisha with a blood packet connected to mouth. "Hi honey, Hi Leo." She came over to HakYeon and kissed him on the lips. I felt a pang of jealousy towards them. "Where's Areum?" I asked. "She's in her room. She excused herself to there. She was pretty shooken up after being at the blood bank." "What happened?" HakYeon said as he pulled Nisha close to him. She was sitting on his lap with one arm around his neck and another holding her packet. One of HakYeon thumb was rubbing in a circle motion on Nisha's thigh. "Well she was trying to hide from an old master of her's but when we came face to face with him, he saw the hickey on her neck. So he moved her hair to get a better look at it. But I said to him that he's not to touch her. Then he went on about how I need to know about here I stand. I know where I stand. I am your mate. But when he saw our clan mark on my wrist, he started to apologize." She told the story. I got up from the chair quickly and speed to Areum room. I opened the door and looked around to see her curled up in a corner of her room. She had her head tucked in between her legs. I shut the door and walked towards her. I sat down and pulled her to my lap. I wanted to know who touch my mate. She looked up with her watering eyes. Tears were falling like a water fall. It pained me to see her like this. I wanted to punch the person who did this to her. "Nisha told me what happened. I won't get mad at you, just tell me who was it?" I wiped away the tears from her face. "Master Dongchul" she said. "He was my first vampire master. He did some horrible things to me. He locked me in a small closet for months with no food or water. He stabed me many times. He used me as a sex toy." She sobbed out as she told me the things he did to her. Everything she mentioned made me furious. I had to set my anger to the side as I tried to calm her down. It wasn't long until she fell asleep. I got up and tucked her in her bed. I kissed her cheek and tucked her hair back. She was my beautiful eternity. Giving myself one last glance. I walked myself out of the room and down to the garage. A hand grabbed my forearm. I turned to HakYeon. "Be careful okay" I nod and got in my car to speed through the night. Arriving to a mansion of Master Dongchul. I walked up to his door. The door opened, before I could even knock. A man in his twenties held the door open and bowed to me. "Good evening Master Leo, Master Dongchul has been expecting you. Please come this way." He said after I stepped in and shutting the door. He led me through the halls and into a room where all his members were standing behind him. "Master Leo, its nice to see you" he said. I clenched my fist. I was trying not to jump him yet. "I could say the same Dongchul." I said between my clenched teeth. His smirk played across his lips as I gave him a hard glare. "So what can I do for you today?" He asked. "I came to tell you to not touch what is mine." "Yours?" He seemed to play confused "Oh you mean Areum, I was wondering who she belong too." He smirked and walked closer to me. He leaned forward to where his lips were nearmy ear. "She may be yours right now but she's been mine since the start. Who do you think kept her in abusive relationships with all of her masters. Who do you think been keeping her alive all this time. It was I and I'll take her right from under your grasp." He was giving me a warning. I grabbed his collar and slammed him against the wall "Here's my warning, touch her and I will end your life. I didn't have a problem with that before and will not have problem with that now." I growled. I stepped back and turned on my heels. "This is not over Leo, its just the beginning!" He called after me as I was leaving. I got in my car and drove back home.
Master Leo will protect her at all costs!! I'm really enjoying the reading!!!
@Princess2425 yeah I dont see Dongchul living to the end either. Master Leo will only want whats best for his future mate. But we will see what will happen later on in the story ^_^
Keep it up and look forward to the next installment
@matty0203 yes he will. ^_^ thank you for reading
Yeah I don't see Dongchul living at the end of this one. Master Leo doesn't make idle threats. He follows through with them and boy is Dongchul screwed!! Ugh I wish master Leo had just killed him right then and there!! Kudos to Master Leo for having self restraint.
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