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Welcome to the Metropolitan Police Department! You have just been transferred to 2nd Unit of detectives, with all kinds of good-looking, unique, quirky guys. You accidentally get injured in a bombing on the pier and after recovering you are partnered with...
Lol, that's the intro! Basically it's a pretty straightforward game, but fun because you're actually like, a cop instead of just a regular civilian, and you have some pretty awesome skills! πŸ‘πŸ‘ I, as usual, went with the strong, quiet type:
Shushes Asano! But you have several guys to choose from, guys of all types.
See?? I found this chart interesting so I included it. But anyway, the best part: the pictures!!! I loved this one, it was fun.
I loved him.
He's really pretty!! Anyway, enjoy!!
@DianaBell I loved him! πŸ’™
@StephanieDuong isn't he the best?!? He's so adorable with the kids, and his magic tricks were cool too
OMG!! I picked him too! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I am so obsessing over these games lately I think I just downloaded like at least 10 last night...
@merryjayne13 haha!! I'm just as bad!