2 years ago1,000+ Views ~Mark's POV ...As I make it down the stairs onto the main floor I hear a loud roar of laughter coming from the cafeteria. I walk in and see Jackson and Nari high-fiving, and Areum on the floor in front of them covered in today's lunch. I start to make my way over to them. I begin to pick up my pace as I see Nari raise her hand at Areum. Before I have the chance to stop Nari... ~*~*~

Chapter Five

Areum's POV *Five minutes earlier (the start of break)* I hear the bell ring, I put my things away and head to my locker. I open my locker and a roll of toilet paper falls out... Crap! Where did it go? I look around at my feet, I don't see the roll anywhere. I turn around to look for it but instead find Jaebum right behind me. "Looking for this?" He says holding up the roll of toilet paper. I reach for it just to have Jaebum put the roll above his head out of my reach. "Give it b-back" I say as I try reaching for the roll. I jump, trying to grab it with my right hand and I still can't reach the dang roll. I look at JB and realize my other hand has been on his chest the whole time. I remove my hand and begin to back up until my back is against my locker. "I'm s-sorry... I um..." I stutter. JB puts his hands back down to his side and moves closer to me. It reminds me of the first day he decided to start taking my lunch money. He drops the roll of toilet paper at my feet and places both hands on opposite sides of my head. "What's wrong," He says, "Don't like what you felt?" He says with a smirk as he starts to lean in closer. I shut my eyes and try to ignore the fact that his face is inches away from mine. I raise up my hand and put it between our faces. "Look, here's my lunch money" I start, "Now can you please leave me alone?" Jaebum looks from me to my hand holding my lunch money. He pushes himself off the lockers and takes the money from my hand. "What a good little ATM," he says while patting me on the head, "I didn't even have to say anything about your lunch money this time." He turns around and begins to walk away. He makes it a few steps and then all of a sudden stops. "Don't come into the cafeteria today." He tells me from over his shoulder. Just as I was about to ask why he continues his way down the hall. I turn around and grab my real lunch money out of my backpack. I'm starving so there is no way I'm not going to the cafeteria today. If he's worried so much about me sitting at his table I will just avoid his girlfriend then. I close my locker and begin to head to the cafeteria. Halfway there Nari is waiting for me. She has a pissed expression on her face. Hopefully I can sneak past her and get into the cafeteria without being seen. JB's POV Why did I warn her? I knew what Jackson and Nari were planning to do to Areum. Hell, I even told Jackson that this was his week to do whatever to Areum as long as she didn't get physically hurt. "Because real men don't hit girls, Jaebum!" I remember my grandfather always telling me when I was younger. Thinking of my grandfather makes me smile. He was more like a father to me than a grandparent. My father left my mother and I when I was young, or so I've been told. He left when I was two, so I have no memory of him, only stories... mostly bad stories of him. I make my way into the cafeteria and take a seat at the table where Jackson is sitting. I look across the table at him to see what food he has in front of him today. Spaghetti... It would be a pain for Areum to get that kind of stain out of that white jacket she looks kinda cute in. I shake that thought out of my head. Cute?! When did I start thinking that girl had anything cute? "Here they come." I hear Jackson say as I see Areum and Nari making their way over to the table. "Damn it," I mumble to myself. I told her not to come to lunch today and she didn't listen!? Whoa, calm down. I try telling myself. I'm not quite sure why this girl gets me worked up so much. I see Jackson and Nari work out their little plan. Nari brings Areum over to our table where they both stand in front of where jackson is seated, then she "accidently" knocks what Areum is holding onto the floor, and as Areum bends down to pick it up Jackson pours the spaghetti right on top of her head. I shake my head and look away. It's only a matter of time before she gets up and runs out the door crying anyway. "WHAT THE HELL!?" I turn around shocked to see Areum still sitting on the floor in front of Jackson and Nari. Usually when Jackson does this to our victims they are too embarrassed to stay in the cafeteria so they run away as fast as they can. "What is your problem?" Areum asks. "You." Nari answers bluntly. If looks could kill, I'm sure Areum would be dead by the way Nari was looking at her. "Me? Are you serious?" Areum questions Nari. "Dead serious. I'm telling you this once and only once. Stay away from JB. I saw you trying to seduce him at your locker." She saw us? "And another thing, tell your father to give my dad back is position as director, or else this won't be the last time this happens to you." Nari threatens. Wait... position? What the hell is this girl talking about? I watch the two of them in confusion. I feel like I'm watching a kdrama unfold in front of my eyes. "Are you kidding me? I have no interest in Jaebum." Ouch. "And another thing, what happens at my father's business is between him and his employees. Just because your father got demoted doesn't mean there is anything I can do about it." Areum's P.O.V. You have got to be kidding me! I am so done with all of this crap today. I look up at Nari and give her the same look she is giving me. I can't believe I was ever friends with this girl. "Shut up!" she yells at me as she raises her hand up to slap my face. I close my eyes and brace myself. Just before she is gets the chance to slap me, one of the teachers step in. "What is going on here?" He says in an angry tone. "Look at this mess, Areum detention of two weeks." The world seriously wants to see my life miserable, because nothing is going right today. "But.." I begin. "No buts!" The teacher says. The teacher tells me to clean myself up and report to the principles office. I make my way to the nurses office and get myself a pair of gym clothes to wear from the nurse. I put my, now dirty uniform, in a bag and shove the bag into my locker. I get my punishment from the principle and make my way back to class to finish the rest of my school day. *After school* I make my way down the hall toward detention. I walk into the empty classroom and take a seat. I guess this won't be too bad, since I'm in here by myself. My head suddenly looks up to the door and my eyes widen. Jaebum comes strolling into the classroom and sits down right behind me. Of course he would have detention too. When does he not have detention? I sneak a peek at him over my shoulder, he is looking right at me. I quickly turn my face back towards the front of the room. I really hope these next two weeks go by fast... there is no way I will survive detention if they don't!

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So good I'm really liking this story. Poor Mark he missed the chance to tell her. I have a feeling those two are going to get close during detention.
Wow. That's so unfair! She got detention and it wasn't even her fault to begin with
hehehe 😎😎 @russelroche47 Thanks 😁
Wahhh this story is so good! Poor Mark. He didn't get to confess. JB is moving up my bias list with this story btw. 😍😣😶
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